What Story Should I Read *Any*


Hope you enjoy Crossed Paths when you get to reading it!


I will


These three either made me cry or scream or want to hug the LI. Any sort of emotion other than laughter.

Haunted: Take Me Home by Ruby L. Lee (Horror / Thriller)
Answer Me by Pottercreep (College Student / Drama)
When Time Stopped by Natalie Jade (Drama, but really is a mind blowing thriller, Apocalypse)

If you are going to read any that I suggested, I really really really really really recommend When Time Stopped by Natalie Jade.

Others that I highly recommend are

The Next Stage by Lisa.P (Comedy / Adult Humor)
Sweet as Strawberry by Black Queens (Comedy / Multiple MC’s)
Ghastly Grasp by Sally D. (Horror)
Haunted: Brook by Antika (Horror)
The Perks of Being Famous by Mavis Rosebrook (Drama / Rags to Riches)
The Teenage Life of an Arsonist by ZZ (Drama)
Hot Shot by Sammer B (Drama / Bad Boy / Celeb)
The I.T. Girl by A.T. (Comedy / Adventure? Drama?)
Hidden Shadows by Anyanka (Fantasy / Superhero)
Moments by Sara Robbins (Fantasy / Superhero)
Finding Ourselves Together by Kat Valentine (Romance)
Mei by Manna (Action / Adventure)
Necessary Evil by Zayen (Supernatural / Action)
The Embers Of Time by M.Jordan (Adventure / Fantasy / Romance)

And even more

The FIVE Elements by Purple (Fantasy / really slow start though)
The “Bad Boy” Game by JC! (Comedy)


Fine Line for sure :triumph:


Days My Man a cliffhanger first episode Im still reading


The doberman by Meesza


Thank you Maria :sparkling_heart:


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I’m glad you enjoyed it:hugs:


cough Kotton Kandie by me and Music in our hearts by @Mary-P.


You can find amazing stories to read here:

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Thank you love! :heart::heart::heart::heart:you should include your story next time :blush:


You can try mine. It’s called Tribe of Malapinchi :slight_smile:


I will read it and tell you how it is in the morning


Well, I would love for you to read mine, it’s called The Four Horsemen, here’s the link if you want to check it out.:slight_smile:
but I would also like to recommen The choice: twisted by @thechoicetwisted and Hunt or get Hunter by @Owlquest




Name: One, Two, Three
Author: Sanityyy
lol it has 6 episodes so far

Anyways the first episode isn’t that great, would love it if you checked it out regardless though (-:

Here’s the link if you’re interested:


Thanks when I’m done I well have a review after reading ASAP


If you could: College Days: Behind Closed Doors

It’ll be out by 25th November


I will, and I will also do a review