What Story Should I Read *Any*

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ll start reading 10 minutes after I’m done doing these dishes☹️

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No worries, you don’t have to rush lol.

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Here are my recommendations!

Speak @J.Miley
The Ruby Tiara @wincyyellow
Finding Ourselves Together @KatValentine
The Shadow Heir @Arrows.Episode
Moonlit Feathers @wincyyellow
To Love Again by JoriMar
Detenu @J.Miley
Being Perfect @Arrows.Episode
Austentacious @thebutterfly_episode
Chicanery @J.Miley
The Marriage Counselor by JoriMar
Do You Know Me @wincyyellow



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Thank you so much again! :smile::heavy_heart_exclamation: I definitely second Ghastly Grasp, Haunted: Brook and Mei. :+1:t2:

Thank you so much :heart:

Try mine, they’re new so they’re up for picking:

Mega Pray
Melanie is a little girl who was abandoned on the doorstep of a woman by the name of Eruwaedhiel. When she turned six, she finds her way into a hidden world that she’s never known.

Lula and Sarah (…With MY FRIEND)
Micheal and Amora adopt two little girls…Little did they know that this would be…the hardest thing they’ve did their entire lives…

Come read my stories!!!

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Can You See Me?
At eight weeks old, Paisley’s parents died, and then she was given to her sister who was NOT the most excellent choice…

Angels. Fairies. Pirates, and Genies.
A Genie is impregnated by a cruel snobbish man, when she finds his other woman/future fiancee running from a shifty man and his two guards. Will she save her? NOT A LOVE-TRIANGLE

College Days: College Days
Join Four college students in their journey to new and better start in life, one’s doing it for the future one’s doin’ it for a baby? How will YOU Direct their paths, Will you decrease them or empower them in their journey to a better life!!?!
Enjoy this sneak peak into my contest entry for (ALL STYLES) the College Days contest, I’m sure you’ll love them!!!

Thank you so much!!!

This is a LL comedy, with character customization. It’s super funny!

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