What story types do you want to see more of on episode?

I know I personally do get sick of the overused themes of a lot of stories where the MC is either poor and “rescued” by a rich LI, or the MC has all she could have and wants for nothing and doesnt need a lover yet the second she sees the love interest she is boy crazy.

So let’s make a list of some plot ideas we’d like to see

  • In mafia stories - the MC isn’t blind to the love interests world but is somehow involved in it already and wants that to change… example; the MC is the capo to the most feared gang leader (THE LI) and follows the LI because they know deep down the LI never wanted to be the mafioso but did it to protect a younger sibling from taking their place…

  • In grief/coping stories - (Aka the MC loses their boyfriend/girlfriend to Cancer and then in the very next scene they are pouncing the doctor and there is a reveal that OH THE DOCTOR DIDNT WANT TO SAVE THE BF BECAUSE THE DOCTOR WANTED YOUU and yes Ive seen a story like this before) I would prefer to see the MC going through the stages of grief and the doctor becomes a friend first who helps her through her grief until she is ready to get back into the dating world again and has a few bad rebound dates before the doctor admits he has developed feelings for NOT BECAUSE OF HER LOOKS THAT DAY IN THE OFFICE HENCE WHY HE DIDNT SAVE THE BF but because of the MC’s personality, e.g. liking grilled cheese and netflix on saturdays, dressing up on mondays to make it feel like it isnt the worse day of the week.

But yeah you kinda get what I mean, what kind of changes do you feel should appear in stories of mafia or other overused story types which would make them more realistic/non toxic/ appealing, rather than Ohh im a billionaire playboy and she just graduated highschool but her mom has been on lifesupport after her ex crashed into her families car to get revenge on the MC for telling his wife about their affair, Im going to be her rich savior by offering her money to insert sims woohoo so I get my needs satisfied and she gets her mothers hospital bill covered but oh noo I GOT HER PREGNANT and I am a target to the mafia too OOHH I BET SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE TO TRAP ME HA I WANT MATERNITY TEST HERE SIGN DOCUMENTS TO SAY YOU WONT SPREAD LIES ABOUT ME TO THE MEDIA HAHA… EVEN THOUGH I WAS THE ONE WHO COHURSED YOU INTO IT AND YOU NEVER WANTED TOO BUT FELT LIKE IT WAS YOUR ONLY OPTION… - that was from a very popular story I read a while back so Im sure if anyone has been around for ages they would know what story im referring too or find the plot familar

Personally, I’d like to see more representation for people with disabilities. I understand that that may be difficult for some. I also understand that some people wouldn’t know how to write a character with a disability.

I’d also like to see more POC representation. Writers are doing a good job representing POC in their stories. It’s great :))

LGBTQ+ representation. I also think that writers are doing a decent job as writing people of the LGBTQ+ community, however, I feel like writers could add “more representation”
Ex. Male or non-binary MC’s (I feel like most stories MC’s are usually women)

Stories that don’t always have a happy ending. I feel like this one might be a bit more controversial because most people like a happy ending. As an episode author (in the process), I sometimes feel like im obliged to write happy ending or else the readers won’t like my story.

Personally, I don’t like mafia stories but if someone were to write one, don’t romanticize the mafia.

I’d also like to see something “different” I feel like most stories are high school cliches, mafia stories, some “good girl” meets a “bad boy” or some “sad” person who meets some “rich” person and they live happily ever after.
I have nothing against people who write stories like that. Don’t come for me :smiley:

Anyways, that’s all, thank you for coming to my TED talk :grin:


^ Agreed! :smiley: I’m non gender conforming + pansexual and love seeing representation in stories as well when it isn’t forced. One of the reasons I write is to give more representation to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities within my stories…

For example the current story I am writing’s ‘endgoal couple’ (aka LI and MC) are an interracial couple. :slight_smile: The MC is a black lesbian pirate and the LI is a lesbian princess. I also have the first mate to the MC as an asian inspired character.
And I intend on having characters with disability and other gender identities/sexualities/races appear in other nationalities of the story.

even though i only like to play stories that allow me to be a girl mc, i like it when boys also have representation. it’s not quite as common (from what i’ve seen). i understand that most of the episode community are probably girls, but i just enjoy representation in general. that includes diversity with poc, the lgbtq+ community, etcetera!:yellow_heart:

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Yes ^ like when its meant to be a tragedy yet ends in a wedding- Like I get you want a happy ending but that makes it a romance… the requirements for a tragedy is that something happens causing the couple to remain apart… even taking a look at shakespeares work will show that.

^ I swear same mind- like they romanticize being sold to a gang by family members (ive seen that exact plot in a story) das human trafficking authors why is it normalised in mafia stories as the starting point of a romance? and Im just here like :eye: :lips: :eye: hello therapist?
The ONLY time I believe a mafia romance is okay is when its between two people who have shared the experience and know what the other is going through and both are wanting to get out and lead better lives…

Me who is writing a story with a girl living with someone to cover their sisters medical bill. :eyes: I feel outed here. :eyes:

I will admit I am a bit guilty of this (mainly because I grew up in a family line of 6 living men amongst around 30 women) so the majority of the time Im creating families of fully girls and then realising I forget men existed and adding in a guy… but sometimes as well I feel like there are some cases where male characters truely are incapable of being the MC (cause with my story im writing, it revolves around the love of a lesbian couple… and to add the option of choosing to make the MC female or male would just make things heteronormative to me… especially when my story is designed to give LGBT representation more of a platform.) but yes I do agree men deserve to have representation to and stories where eligible to have male MCs should strive towards making the community for accepting towards male readers.

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Something I would like to see is more stories with an option to choose your LI and the MC’s gender.

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totally not your fault!:skull:

idk, equality is just something big for me. even at school, we’re constantly learning about other people’s religion, and more, so that’s just how my mind works🤷🏻‍♀️

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I promise I wasnt outting you in particular its just this one story I saw a while ago when I was new to episode on previous accs I lost the save for… when I got my first phone I read it and thought it was normal but looking back im thinking how was it not removed?

Because the whole story was the girl had just graduated and she found out her teacher whom she had a longlasting fling with had a wife and so she ended things and told the woman… and because of it the teacher crashed his car into the girls mother and brothers and sent the mother into a life support machine, the girl had been wanting to go to college and they were broke and unable to pay…

so this rich playboy overhears her phone call and tells her if she has a one night stand with him hed wire her money but even when she said no he kind of pushed it onto her like UGH IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND CALL ME… knowing she was destitute and would need to go to him for financial aid to save her mother and he took advantage of that, she saved her mother, felt ashamed of herself so he essentially took her pride too and had her sign documents that legally stopped her from slandering him and he found out she was pregnant and accused HER when she didnt even want to SLEEP with him let alone remember or dwell on it of poking holes to parent trap him for more money

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Yes that is similar with our school as well, I kind of hope that episode stories dont start to feature religious worship stories though… Muslim characters etc are fine but I already know the second a muslim author tries to go in depth to explain their beautiful religious culture, or some other author tries it, we’re gonna have the christian saviours who’ve been on tiktok saying jesus is coming and sending hate.

(if that makes sense, cause as a pagan myself, I’ve had people say my religion was invalid and theyd pray for me to repent and turn to jesus before it was too late.)

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Ik I was joking. :joy: I would never let my LI use it against them that is just wrong. :face_vomiting:

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Oh phew sorry I was worried I offended you sorry Im neurotypical/neurodivergent can never remember which word it is- whichever one it is that says I got autism lol I miss social queues alot especially over the internet.

but yeah definitely gross of that story- because the MC became the dudes lover and everything and didnt mind that whilst she was then preggers with almost a damn legally passing illegal action Aint gonna say the word cause Id get flagged even if its blurred… SHE THEN THOUGHT TO STAY WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE IS SO IN LOVE THUS PUTTING A HIT FROM THE MAFIA ONTO HER AND HER CHILD FOR BEING ASSOCIATED WITH HIM.


yeah, this is the only thing. it would be quite uncomfortable to see a story basically pushing a certain religion on to people.

but as someone coming from a very big christian family (idk how i feel about it yet), i dislike it when someone makes a video and some people decide it’s their right to send messages like, “god is coming!” when it has nothing to do with the video. at that point, it’s most likely a jab at something the creator said, or what they look like. unless it’s a video about the religion they are commenting about, then just leave personal beliefs out of it. some just need to realize that not everyone is the same as them🤷🏻‍♀️

Agreed, I grew up in a catholic household and can respect my families beliefs perfectly fine and if I see a “praise jesus” or “jesus is king” post I will just like it and scroll cause I can understand how their religion makes them feel comforted like mine does for me, but the second it becomes a “REPENT, YOU CAN STILL BE SAVED” I am reporting it cause, No thankyou that is forceful manipulation right there…

This one girl said she would pray for me to make it to heaven and I just replied that I will pray arachnes weaves her a safe passage to her chosen afterlife… (basically saying I hope my goddess will clear your path to your heaven as your god will guide me to the gateworld) and she just replies no thanks Id prefer if you didnt pray for me- and im just here like… oh how ironic… isnt that what you were doing to me a few moments ago, dont you see the correlation here?

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I think that episode authors should leave religion, politics or any other personal views out of their story. It’s okay to be religious or not, just don’t include it in your story. I feel like adding religious views just starts conflict and arguments. I also feel that by adding religion in a story is forcing your religion on people. i also grew up in a religious household but my family didn’t force it on me. I still am religious but I don’t want to include that in my story. It could also potentially make readers uncomfortable. You can be religious, you can be atheist or agnostic, it’s doesn’t matter. Don’t include it in your story. Those are your views, not everyone’s.


exactly! it’s not hard to be respectful of other people. and i don’t think they realize that it’s sort of insulting. if you’re in church, especially now with everything going on, it’s actually very kind of someone to say they are gonna pray for your safety. but when it’s random and the sole intention of the comment is to shame the person into looking a certain way, or acting a certain way, then it’s pretty much an insult smhhh

i agree! i am the type of person to not care about what other’s are doing, i don’t like to waste energy on something that i most likely cannot fix. so whenever people try and do something like that, i roll my eyes and scroll past. this goes for not only authors, but everyone.

Like one time i was reading a story where a character encounter islamophobia, and instead of roasting the bully or pointing out how dumb it is to be so obssessed over someone who doesnt care about u at all, the argument was just “islam is a religion of peace us women are really well treated” etc and it just feels like proselytizing to me (coming from an ex muslim)

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its neuroAtypical ! (and dont worry im autistic too i often make the mistake lmao :skull:)

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I would like to shyly point out the topic has seemed to shift moreso onto religious stories rather than changes that could be made to stories in particular so if we could all possibly rap up the religious rant weve all shared and hop back on topic just so a moderator doesnt close my thread please and thankyou. xx :sweat_smile: