What style do you prefer? It's important!

Hi! I’m writing a story, and I would like to know which style do you think will be best! I had INK in mind, since it fits with my vision, but I don’t know if people would read it. I could make it limelight, I don’t have a problem with it, it would just take longer and wouldn’t really look the way I wanted it to. I won’t even ask about Classic, because everyone would say “no” (even though it’s my favorite style :joy:)

EDIT: I’m also hesitating when it comes to Limelight, because it’s hard to code, unlike INK or classic.


I think limelight is better tbh!!

As an artist, I think it’ll be easier for you to find limelight artists than ink artists which definitely a plus!

Classic is god awful. :sweat:
And INK is lacking too, in my opinion Limelight is definitely the superior of the three.

So I’d suggest Limelight too, however ultimately the decision lies with you. It’s your story after all.


I prefer LL. Most do actually because there are barely any Ink stories trending on the app in all of the genres.

It’s completely your choice as a writer but I think that limelight is best. Cuter clothes, more animations, better quality altogether. Now that limelight is out, people don’t really like reading INK stories.

I personally like LL and I just read LL stories but it’s your story you decide :white_heart:

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I prefer LL. INK doesn’t do it for me anymore honestly.

INK would be a good starting point for your first story since it’s easier; if you’re intimidated by the sheer number of the animations (as well as how long they are), INK might be a better option. I’ll read INK stories, and I’m not against Classic, either! Pick which one you like the best and suits your needs.


I love all styles.


I prefer LL

Hi @GretaMarisole
:innocent: it can be any style it don’t matter it just matter how the stories comes out but i prefer INK but i read INK , CLASSIC , LIMELIGHT but INK get alots view too even LL too and even sometimes Classic so it depends what the cost of the story and how it will plays out as to what will happens next but it your decision not my it your story

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Most people here prefer Limelight , me too …but its your story, you can write in ink or limelight whichever u think is best :blush:

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same :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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ink is my all time favourite. you could always start in ink and do the story again in ll buts its completely up to you <3