What style is crush on mr. bad boy in?


same for falling for the dolan twins. it’s not limelight. it’s similar, yes, but i really like the eye selection. does any one know?


It’s the original version of Limelight, before the Episode team polished it up with smoother art and animations and released the version we have now for writers. It’s not in the portal.


I think they said it was a hybrid of Ink & LL? Whereas the LL version released to us is much smoother & less sharp… Idk. I hope they release it anyway along with the new features in development. The Pretty Little Liars style had beards & a lot more features. :pensive:


yes! i know, right? it makes me sad :frowning: i feel like the pll is overall much better.


aw, dang. wish it was in the portal. thank you so much :grin: