What Style Should I Write In?

What style should I write in?

Ink (FullBody)

Limelight (FullBody)

Ink (Spotlight)

Limelight (Spotlight)

Winning So Far; Ink (Fullbody)


Ink Fullbody

I think it’s up to you to choose :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll definitely use fullbody

As for INK or LL…

For me I always liked INK better than LL

INK : for me it has better animation and I like how characters look! And I love that style

LL : I like it too, it looks realistic, clothes look nice, the thing is that animation are kinda unnatural.

Still I think it’s up to you to choose!


INK or LL is good. They are both really nice styles to write in.

It depends what genre youre writing for the format. Spotlight is good for some romances and Full Body is the best for acrion.

Ink/Limelight full body is good. However ,limelight is better for fantasy stories.

Ink Fullbody

This one : )

Depends on the story and your writing.