What style should I write my story in?

Hi everyone! I am currently writing a story and I cannot decide whether or not I should write in limelight or ink. Personally, I LOVE both so I cant decide! I would really appreciate it if you would vote and answer the questions below. Thank you!
1. What is your preferred style: Ink or Limelight?
2. If a story is not in your preferred style, will you stop reading it?
3. Specifically, why do you like this style?
Last thing and I realize this doesn’t fully have to do with this but to me it kind of does go along.
4. Does it matter to you whether or not a story has CC, or will you continue to read it?
Also, please no hate or disrespect towards any of the styles in the comments please :slight_smile:

  • Limelight
  • Ink

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