What swear words can appear censored? & What swear words can appear uncensored?

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Question?:thought_balloon:What swear words can appear censored? & What swear words can appear uncensored in Episode Stories? Because sometimes when I read any Episode Story, I see there are swear words that are censored, and some are uncensored. I don’t know guys, I’m confused? I need your help!!!:thinking:

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I too don’t have an idea …
If anybody answers this will help me too

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Lol, Glad I’m not the only one☺️

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Obviously other profanities, typically worse ones have to be censored. (:
Examples of what MUST be censored:

Sl*t, f*ck(ing, ed, er, wit), sh*t (ty, tier), c*nt, a**hole.


Thank youuu!! That helped alot!!:relaxed:


No worries!


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does the word ‘sex’ have to be censored or is that okay?

I haven’t seen “sex” on any not-allowed-lists and I personally don’t think it has to be censored entirely considering it’s not a swear word and also because sex isn’t just intercourse, it can also be what someone’s birth gender classification can be e.g Assigned Sex At Birth.

But I also think it depends on the context, for example “Let’s have sex” (not appropriate for the rating and could lead to a scene that violates guidelines) is different to “Sex is a healthy part of life, but not totally necessary” (said in passing).

From my observation, it’s essentially a personal preference to censor it or not. I don’t think you would get into trouble if you didn’t censor it, but there are some people who might take offense at the word itself and hence, a censor is the safer option all round. I’ve seen the word in stories where it was censored and in others where it wasn’t censored, so it must be an author preference and not a set rule.