What Terrorizing Monster Would You Be?

So, I’m a visual artist and a writer, but I have yet to go far writing a story on episode. I want to find a balance between the kind of thing I want to write, and the kind of thing other people want to read.
I do have a concept for a story in the works right now, but what intrigues me is dipping my foot into the world of fantasy, and that story is not in the genre.
The thing is, I love high fantasy, with a prominence of mythical creatures, and since I have at least enough skill to create my own assets, I’d love to do so. Full character art for beasts is a timely process, and I want to see it put into something that other people would be happy to experience, too.
I know a majority of the episode reader-base is female, and while I think my interest in being a monster as a protagonist is already kinda niche, I have absolutely no idea if girls and women have that inclination so much at all. Maybe it’s a hidden fantasy, behind all of the “dating a monster” fiction I see…?
I’d love to hear what you all think of that concept for a story.
One of my true loves in the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure genre is the ability to shape your protagonist to each moral extreme. So, your choices ultimately can lead you to being a hero, a villain, or even just a neutral party. I want to apply this to the whole concept, allowing my reader to be either a blessing or a terror in their beastly form.
But here’s the kicker, and my big question:

Would the reader be more interested in a werewolf protagonist, who still has a human counterpart, and full-art beast form scenes as well, or would you like to see a unique story where you play a color-customizable dragon, with perhaps one or few endings where you can choose to become human?


a unique story and something that isnt cliche would be nice

Something unique! :star_struck:

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I agree with you! I do want to incorporate, at least from some paths of choices, some common and beloved tropes to satisfy readers who like them, but for the most part, I would love to make a unique experience. Do you have a preference between the two creatures? And also, are there any concepts you’d like to see incorporated into a fantasy story that you don’t ever see?

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i would like anything and make the princess into evil somethting you dont see cause she always gets her happy ending while the dragon is misunderstood

I absolutely adore evil ladies so I would be happy to try that out. :wink: Thanks for your feedback!

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No problem

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