What the heck are you doing episode 🤦🏻‍♀️

Exactly! The elimination of the unlimited passes and no adds on community stories has really affected how often I read, practically never now :tired_face:


And I haven’t seen weekly challenges for a bit.


Same. I miss it. I loved getting extra passes and gems without our reading those awful official stories.


So did episode get rid of the $9.99 feature all together? I was able to purchase it last month as I have been doing for a long time now but today the feature isn’t there.


i guess

My last all access pass has just run out and I’m livid!

I was happy to pay £10 a month for unlimited no ad passes. Honestly even that is quite a lot as a subscription for most people.

Now they want £7 a week! And I don’t even get unlimited passes for community stories, which are without a doubt the backbone of Episode.

This amount of greed will mean they no longer get any money from me unless they restore the all access pass for £10.

I guess I’ll just have to find a new app to go on and delete Episode.


It’s not right is it


The sad part is that there are a LOT of really good stories on Episode, and I personally like the animation styles. But doing users dirty will not help keep old-timers around or attract newcomers who don’t want to wait for passes.


Absolutely and to do it at a time when so many of us are stuck at home in a lockdown, with episode being a great source of enjoyment. It’s really despicable to be taking advantage at such a time.

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I did see another thread talking about episode trialing subscriptions (£49.99 for the year) and this info is in the description of the ad but it doesn’t say what is included in the subscription or when/if they will be taking it live.

It’s not been advertised very well, who reads an app description regularly?!? And to remove the unlimited access pass before they have something similar set in place is ridiculous.

I’ll have deleted the app by then :pensive: