What the heck, Episode?!

I thought of using an emulator to preview my story. I installed Bluestacks. When I opened Episode I got this:

And I’m like:

“I have to read one of your cringy stories before I can even preview mine?!”

And when I tap on the 3 lines symbol I get this.

Everything is gone.

So my question to y’all is:

What is the least cringy episode featured story there is?


Lol, ok, so I thought the Baby Project was ok.

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But my advice, no matter how cringy, pick the shortest one :joy:

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I’ll definitely be taking that advice.


And I love your username

thank you!

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actually you have to read 19 chapters. yes it suck


Wtf?! Episode have you not done your homework, you know doing this will kinda make authors less motivated, your also digging yourself a grave as well. Or is it just me? :tired_face:


I just face palmed so hard

Oh, it doesn’t just stop at one they want you to read a bunch before but if you send your link to yourself you can bypass this.


The Baby Project, out of that list…not super memorable, but not nearly as cringey ^^


The Baby Project was okay. Love Life is also alright but it’s too fast paced and it has a bucketload of gem choices.


smh why episode. why.

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Before people didn’t have to read featured stories to unlock anything else but now you have to read like 3/6 featured :sleepy: in order to read user stories

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Try emailing it to yourself :rofl:

Thats how I usually do it bc I use a different account on my phone, tbh I wouldn’t have noticed this without this thread :upside_down_face:

If instant princess was still a featured story I would 10000000% recommend it.


Wait what is this?

She has to read a featured story so were’re deciding what she should read. The shortest and the least cringy

I never had this, is this new or do they do that occasionally? I’m confused that everyone is fine with it lol

I don’t really know. Maybe because I ran Episode using an emulator on my laptop?

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