What things are you tired of seeing in a story?


What sorts of things are you all tired of seeing in a story? I’m not talking about storylines though, I know those, I’m on about particular things in the writing of a story that bother you. Please let me know, I’m interested.


bad grammar. ugh i hate it.


Some people can’t help that though can they? Especially if their first language isn’t English.


I know and i totally understand, your right. but there are sometimes a few people who don’t even try fix there grammar. Its just sometimes annoying that I have to go back and read the sentence again so i understand


When people don’t put periods after their sentences


I’m sorry but that annoys me so much like I’ll stop reading if they don’t a lot of the time unless the storyline is good


My first language is German. I’ve only know English for 5 years, but I still use apps like grammarly and more so I know I am putting out the best content I could.


Naked people with only a towel on.


Pregnancy. When MC has sex without a condom and I have no choice. One month later - oh, no, she’s pregnant, what a surprise… :smiley:


bad directing. i get that it’s hard but you really shouldn’t publish your story if the person in the front is supposed to be a background character and blocks the MC. i read a story where the author used

@CHARACTER enters from _____ to ________

instead of

@CHARACTER stands ___________

so when they went back and forth between backgrounds, the characters would enter and continue their conversation and it looked really weird


Yeah, that’s really not good.


That happens: Except for the month later thing (sometimes.) It’s how they portray it. Sometimes when things like that are said, it’s offensive.


Flawless characters


The flaw is that there flawless :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀️


Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Bad Boys… I mean… It’s so annoying.

  • Pregnant Storys

  • Storys where the MC changes to get the attention of a boy. After the change the boy starts to like and date her.


Love triangles and the protagonist being weak.


I hate it when in romance stories the main character gets put into a coma. Then the doctors are about to that her off of life line, then the love interest want one last minute to say goodbye. Then the main character wakes up as soon as the love interest starts crying.
I don’t really see this anymore, but in 2014 (the classic era) you couldn’t find a romance story where this did not happen.


Unfortunately, they do this in movies too…


I’m tired of seeing stereotypical portrayal of genders. The guys are cold, aloof and act without thinking things through, doing whatever they want with no consideration for other people. Or the meek MC that never stands up for herself until the bad boy notice her. She will often go out of her way to stay on his “good” side.