What things make an Episode story unreadable?

We all have Episode pet peeves. What are some of yours?

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Advanced directing doesn’t always mean better. Especially the rapid and misplaced zooming that give me headaches.


When authors continuously use @CHARACTER enters screen left to screen centre blah blah blah. I get it if it is their first story cause directing is hard, but if it is just due to laziness then I’m not impressed.


Wow, I have a list for this.
1.) Bad English, along with bad grammar.
-I know, I know. Not all people are native English speakers and that’s entirely fine. But if you’re going to write your story in English, PLEASE have someone who is a native speaker proofread. I will be willing to do this for you. And PLEASE know the difference between your, you’re, their, there, they’re. I don’t know what it is with people not knowing the differences.

2.) Fast paced love
-I hate when I’m reading a story and then the love interest(s) see the MC and all of a sudden fall in love really fast. Using the same phrases as “This girl is different” or “This girl will be the death of me” CRINGE.

3.) Lack of Character development and cliches
-I highly dislike the typical shy MC, alpha male bad boy, and loud POC best friend. Such cliches, switch it up a bit! Along with this, goes trying to hard to force character archetypes onto people. Example: Making the bad boy too alpha male bad boy, making the MC too much of a goody two shoes, making the mean cheerleader just mean. Her only trait is being a b*tch.

4.) Sloppy everything
- I know, it’s like “who is this girl to call my work sloppy?” but I completely get it. You finally finish writing the first three episodes of your story, and you want to hit publish right away. DON’T RUSH INTO ITTT! I’m telling you. From someone who released their story a month ago and is currently revamping it, reread your story. If it’s not perfect, edit it. Try advanced directing, watch videos on it and it’ll become so easy. Really make your story stand out from others. It’s super obvious when people rush to publish their story because the episodes are normally super short, there are multiple spelling mistakes, and the story doesn’t flow.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


Things mentioned above, I guess.

  • bad directing: characters walking on furniture, facing wrong direction while walking, speaking without animation (mouth closed)
  • bad writing: I don’t ask for perfect grammar since I’m not native myself. But I do need punctuations to understand sentences.
  • mini games, because this app is not Candy Crash, but it is tap story reading app.
  • choices, I hate them, but that’s personal opinion I guess. I prefer reading and enjoying the plot, I hate guessing.

This text will be blurredGirl . I agree with you. If I didn’t rush my story and actually knew the plot line, I wouldn’t be revamping 20-something episodes rn and failing horribly.


:black_small_square:Bad grammar, vocabulary and spelling.
:black_small_square:When an author has no idea how to continue the story plot and ends adding irrelevant content just to lengthen the storyline and supposedly engage readers. I’ll just be lost.
:black_small_square:When stories claim different plot and originality but end up not. Like I can relate the plot to another story. Perhaps this happens when reading too much of the same genre.
:black_small_square:When an author blatantly plagiarises another story’s character. Steals the character for their own story. There’s this author that makes his/her slightly own version of a popular author’s story character…
:black_small_square:No diversity. Colour washing characters. Like the typical cliche highschool stories. Those kind of plot with the nerds, jocks, bad boys, mean girls etc. But just colour washing them till it’s an all Hispanic or all Black characters but the behaviour and everything is from typical white episode highschool stories…therefore better not though. At least show some difference in personality and not a copy paste template. Because it’s not an accurate representation.
:black_small_square:Having stock characters in their story but no attempts in renaming them, changing their outfits and features.
:black_small_square:Characters with no personality.

  • Lack of plot
  • Gem choices
  • Any story where the MC is telling the bad boy to back of then 2 seconds later they are in each other faces and he gets her pregnant
  • Any story where they use pregnancy as a plot extender or possible pregnancy when they are out of ideas
  • Characters have no depth
  • Over 21 episodes

when the mean girl is filthy rich and dressed like she’s from a magazine


One huge pet peeve I have is when dialogue is interrupted by animations with no dialogue. I just want to read the story! I don’t want to watch two characters do the exact same laughing animation while I furiously tap the screen to get to the next dialogue!

I also don’t like when people feel the need to show a character walking to a specific location. It never looks good and it takes ages. You can just cut away to the spot where the character needs to be and have them walk into frame (quickly) while speaking. Keep the pace moving, people!

This one is specific to Ink: I hate that animation where the character puts their hand on their chest and takes a breath. Any time I see that animation in a story, I immediately close out of it.


Improper grammar… like not adding periods after sentences. Or using abbreviations such as “thx” instead of “Thanks”. UGH THAT MAKES ME SO MAD!


honnestly bad backgrounds… some people make their own backgrounds wich is amazing! but please, if it doesn’t look good then just don’t use it!

also when writers only add animations to the characters that are talking while all the other characters are just standing there -emotionless- 0.0


•when the whole story in general is just predictable and too cliche.
•An annoying main character that has the need to slap the love interest every two seconds and they think liking food is a personality trait.
•Really bad directing for example characters popping up on screens, or facing the wrong way.
•Really bad spelling and grammar.
•Idk why but swearing when it’s not needed to, not because it’s strong language that bothers me it’s the fact that i feel like it’s thrown around too much.


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The list is long with this one.
  • Poor grammar is a huge pet-peeve. I am a stay-at-home mom. So, if anyone needs a proofreader, I’ve got time and am always happy to help. :slight_smile:
  • I understand that cliches are popular. Can we all agree that these “Good girl/Bad Boy” stories are completely overdone and annoying at this point? People keep making stories in the same fashion in the vain hope to gain the attention that the older/more popular stories receive. I, for one, think this thought process is the cause for 90% of the poorly written, unedited and (in general) crap stories that clog the app comes from. I would like to see people put twists on the cliches.
  • Instant love. (said above by episode.vogue ) I agree. I want to see more slow-burn relationships. Even more to the point, I would like to see relationships go through something other than an evil ex of LI sets up a situation to make it look like LI is cheating to “add drama”. Why not show characters that have personal problems, disagreements, and conflicts? Why not have ONE relationship from start to finish and show all the things that they conquer and work though?
  • Spot directing. If you are inexperienced in it, look up tips/videos/ask for help. IF I see another story where characters are all different (and poorly done) sizes, I might lose my mind. I read an Episode featured story (forget the name, I do it for the gems lol) but the LI is 3x the size of the MC. It’s ridiculous! And easily fixed if you pay attention to the portal previewer!
  • When the author pops up and I have to tap through three minutes of " this is my first story. Sorry if it sucks!" or " this is my first story, the first few episodes are really short but they get longer after enter episode #. " IF YOU KNOW YOUR EPISODE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ENJOYABLE- FIX IT! Combine episodes or write more content. Just do something other than telling people they’re wasting their passes to read four- two minute- episodes.
  • CCing used as an excuse to not have a real first episode. It’s lazy and shows me that your story isn’t going to have any quality content. If I have to customize the MC, LI1, LI2, Parents, siblings, friends, third-cousin-twice-removed-from-your-mother’s-best-friends-father’s-side. I’m out. Done. Won’t read. Your story could be literary gold, and I still won’t bother. Period.
  • Pointless characters. We all want diversity and inclusion in stories… but to add random, pointless characters simply for the sake of winning woke points is ridiculous and takes away from the overall point; which is that there need to be more inclusive stories and that there should be more exposure for POC - be it the characters or the author. So, please, stop doing this. If the character is the token black/gay/trans friend, leave them out. POC and LGBTQ communities deserve more respect than this.

Oh, and

  • The dumb best friend who has no personality. I’m so sick of seeing the best friend/roommate that’s like OoOo Sparkle-Sparkle! I want a sandwich! Mmm!

I feel that. Good thing I only have to revamp 5, or else I would dieeeee.


Lol my very first story, the characters did this for EVERY scene until about episode 8 because I couldn’t figure out how to have them already in scene without “popping” in lol. :sweat_smile:

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You seem fed up. :joy: I get that though, I hate when the dialogue is interrupted by the character taking a deep breath or something because I read fast and I’m trying to get to the good parts. And when they make the character walk to a spot in 5 seconds or more VAJVDJHW, it feels like an eternity!