What things shouldn't I do in my story? (VOICE YOUR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS!)

Hello, I’m currently writing a story and I’ve been very skeptical of what I’ve been putting in the story. Because of this, I really wanted to see the perspectives of other people and am wondering what people want to see in the first episode of a story. I know I can’t make everything in my story perfect, but I’d like to make it decent and/or slightly above average to make sure people can enjoy it.

My original plans for the first episode was to slowly introduce characters that are important to the plot without actually giving them introductions. Introductions wouldn’t be told, but more shown in scenes and have some narration from the main character themselves. I really wanted to know if slightly introducing characters with narration was okay and narration for scenes was okay to put in the beginning of the episode. I’m afraid the reader would feel like it was too rushed because they don’t know the main character very well in order to get inside their head.

I didn’t want to include stuff that was too serious and/or problematic for the character just yet. As I previously said, readers wouldn’t be able to sympathize for the main character because they haven’t seen enough of them yet. I also feel that if I added choices near the beginning of the story, the reader would feel too pressured because they don’t know a lot yet…

Anyways in short terms, I’d really like to know what would be good to put in my first episode and how I can briefly introduce characters without boring out my reader. Please let me know what you think so I can improve.

Readers want to learn the character learn along the way instead of a introduction. So feel free to put the reader inside their head!

It’s good that you know to not just throw the mc’s problems at them (especially in the very beginning)! They will just think you want them to have sympathy for the character and that will do you no justice at all. Making really important decisions in the beginning of the story is not really common (due to the fact that the main plot is not there yet) but just adding choices where they unlock scenes or a look in someones thoughts would be fine. You don’t have to put that bonus scene in that chapter though, just let them know they can get one. Choices matter is also a great way! Introduce the point system and let them know what they did with the use of reader messages (they love this!)

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