What time is it for you guys?

I’m making the thread because, I’m curious to know what time is it for the people below me!

When you want to say your time, use TTFMI. Which means "The time for me is…"

TTFMI: 10:13AM



TTFMI: 9:16 AM here


8:16 AM here in CA

TTFMI || 11:15 am

11:16 :metal:t2: Am

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4:16 PM here.

Wow 1 hour ahead

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Yep. :+1:t2: EST.

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central us mateeeee

TTFMI: 4:46 PM

The time for me is 6:32am in Australia :sweat_smile:

TTFMI 4:37pm :cold_face:

TTFMI-4:38 here in the U.S.A

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approx 10:00

TTMFI 10:02pm in England rn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

11:03PM in Germany

TTFMI: 4:06 pm

5:08 PM est