What time period should I set my story in?


I’m thinking about writing my first legit story on Episode, but I’m having trouble deciding when it should take place. The story is loosely inspired by true events that took place in 1920s Sydney, Australia: It’s about Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, two female gang leaders that were notoriously known as the Queens of the Underworld. I have the whole plot figured out and everything, but I still can’t decide what time period these events should take place in. It would be more convienent to set it in modern day in terms of clothing, slang, etc., but I’m afraid it’ll fade into the crowd and be seen as “just another gang story,” which I would like to avoid. Setting it in the 1920s would make it more historically accurate and definitely more unique, but it might be harder to do considering there’s not much historical clothing/settings to work with (especially because I want to work in limelight as this style can lend itself to more diversity in character appearance, and, frankly, I like it the best). Any and all thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions, concerns, etc. would be much appreciated!!


Honestly I would do it in the modern day,
There’s lots of great gang stories on episodes that are super good yet unique and often gang stories are my faves like Chain Reaction & Deep Attraction. However your story differs from this from what you’ve told me. It sounds very original and there are mostly stories with male gang leaders while the strong females join the gang through the male love interest. Having a gang story with two independent women running the gang instead of males is already a new & original sign. I think either would work however since it is your first story, I would say stick to modern day and I’m sure many users will enjoy it


I like the sound of the 20’s. Limelight might not have many clothing options atm, but it’s the only style their making new things for so it’s just about being patient at this point.

If you’re not planning on publishing straight away, I’d say wait for more updates. You can write up your script now and do all the outfits at the end if need be.


I agree completely with @amberose

Setting your story in 20s not only keeps you out of the cliche zone, it also gives you the uniqueness a lot of Episode readers look for in a story. Modern day gang stories are so overdone and feel so predictable, so much so there are multiple threads here on the forums complaining about them, so to read one set almost 100 years ago would be an amazing thing to read (I’d definitely read it!). Your audience would be much more open too as it would include fans of period stories.

Again, I agree with Amber with the Limelight situation too. It gets updated so often that if you’re comfortable with being patient, the clothing you desire will more than likely come along. There’s no rush to release it as quick as possible so this also gives you the opportunity to perfect any issues you have, master any coding you feel confused by, find backgrounds you may require and test your script out.

But remember to do whichever you feel you’re more comfortable with :slightly_smiling_face:


omg your plot sounds so interesting keep it in 1920s because it makes it stand out IMO


I think you should try having I set in the 20s or maybe even 60s?


Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ve decided to stick to the 20’s because I think I would enjoy writing that story the most :slight_smile:


YAY! :smiley:


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