What title should I use?

Hello I’m creating a new story and I don’t know what to call it. Its’s basically it’s about a bunch of teens who escape from a laboratory in hopes of a normal life but its not as easy as they thought. here are my title ideas

  • Their New Normal
  • Escape From Lab
  • Laboratory Escape
  • This is our New Normal
  • None of them

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Thank you

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Can I make a suggestion? I’ve thought of a couple you could consider-

Roots - derived from their traumatic experience. The memories still effect their everyday life and are the roots to their behaviour, but they can’t be destroyed. Only replanted. (Recovery into the normal world)
Monsters in the closet - No matter how hard they try and push down their lab experience, it’s always still haunting them
Mundane - Is their new normal, mundane life really normal? Or is there something lurking behind what false reality their minds are creating in the state of denial about the lab.

I just randomly thought of these so idk if they’re any good but I figured the more choices the better :fist_bump:


Those are amazing thank you.

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Out of the cage?
Dream of Freedom?

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