What title story would you be more excited to read?

So I was thinking about the following titles for my first ever story, which I’ve been slaving over for the last month and am excited to release, but need to make sure I’ve got things right to give it the best shot I can at making it successful.

The story follows a girl whose reputation has been destroyed singlehandedly by the word “slut”, even though nothing could be further from the truth. Through a series of traumas and bullying and misunderstanding, she meets the love of her life who has a secret. He cannot age, and is actually 140 years old.

So, with that in mind, what title would you be most likely to click on and give a chance?
I am leaning more towards Love, Undying (due to the age pun that he can’t die), but the title really needs to be attention grabbing, rather than relevant to the story.
Much love to all who take the time to respond.

  • Shortcomings
  • Heartburn
  • The Heart Race
  • Believer
  • Racing Time
  • Love, Undying

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I picked one because you said “most likely”, but I don’t think I would read any of these based on the title, they all feel really generic to me, the cover would have to be really interesting to get my attention.

  1. Welcome to the forums! Congrats on your new story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. 10/10 username
  3. I can’t remember ever being drawn in by a title tbh. :thinking: It’s likely the cover that would get me to click it, then the description and genre that would get me to add it to my shelf. So as long as the title isn’t completely off-putting, it should be fine.

Thanks so much, guys <3
Your feedback has helped a lot and I’ll be going with Love, Undying so feel free to look out for it soon :wink:

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