What to avoid in werewolf stories?


If I were hypothetically writing a werewolf story, what topics do I need to avoid to write a fresh and unique story?


Love triangles, I feel like a lot of Werewolf stories have these in and they’re kind of boring and offer no new perspective or any original ideas. Idk, that’s just my opinion :grin:


Interesting :thinking: there’s no multiple love interests in this story, it’s kinda like teen wolf


Ah I LOVE Teen Wolf! Let me know when you publish it :slightly_smiling_face:


Love triangles was literally the first thing that came into my head :joy:


:joy::joy: I feel like in the majority of stories they’re used simply to entertain readers, not to portray a message or help the MC. I hate love triangles. I hate having to spend time with characters I’m not interested in and I’m always waiting for my MC to spend time with the other love interest. Unfortunately I always seem to like the guys that you don’t spend as much time with so I don’t end up finishing the story.


Same :joy: When love triangles are just an extra to a story not in the romance genre but ends up becoming the whole plot line :expressionless: I usually like the good guy (in badboy stories/ in this case probably not the rebel werewolf etc) and the MC usually never ends up with him anyway.


Yep, I’m a sucker for a gentleman but the bad boy always gets priority :roll_eyes:


I kinda hate it when the boy says “mine” and the MC is like “oh my gosh I was waiting for you my whole life come give me a kiss” or “Oh no I don’t want him, he can’t be my mate, I can’t have a mate” when in reality it would be like “hmmm back off I am not an object for you to claim” or MC slaps guy so hard he forgets his one name


These are all my personal opinions, but…

To me, most werewolf stories on this app are all the same. It starts with some girl in a bad situation (probably being abused by some alpha), and then she escapes. Then she’s found by some other alpha of another pack and they fall in love, blah blah.
Another common kind is the ‘rouge’ wolf girl who’s suddenly infringing on another pack’s territory, or something. She meets the hot, alpha male and loses all dignity and self-respect for this guy who thinks of her as an object.

Personally, things I would avoid in a story of my own:
‘Inner wolves.’
Abusive ‘alpha’ males.
A weak, helpless MC.
Mates that are d e s t i n e d to be together because of… werewolf biology or something?
And probably more, but I’m not quite sure at the moment.

Something that also would be super cool to see is a werewolf pack based on actual wolf pack dynamics. The pack structure we know today (with alphas) is completely wrong - it was based off of wolves in captivity, and not actual wild wolves.
I understand that would probably make werewolf stories a little more difficult, but, still, it would be neat to see.