What to avoid when writing a story?

What makes a perfect story? What would you like to see in a story and what don’t you want to see in a story? Needing inspiration!


I don’t think that there’s such a thing as a “perfect story” but there are things that make a great story!
I love to read stories with things like…

  • Character development
  • Hilarious jokes
  • A generally good story idea
  • Good directing
  • Enough drama to keep me reading but not too much drama

What makes a perfect story?

I am going to be honest with you I’ve read many stories on episode but no such thing as ‘perfect story’ exists, why? Well because not everything the author writes will be to my liking not everything the Mc says I would agree with.

What would I like to see in a story?

Yes this app is somewhere to escape reality but a little realism wouldn’t hurt as an I author don’t wanna give children the wrong idea or actually people in general I don’t wanna make the Love interest is rude but she falls for him because of his looks because truly no sane person would fall for someone like that. Good directing or even decent directing a plot that makes sense and good grammar! Last but not least a sort of relatable Mc.

What I don’t wanna see?

Bad directing a plot that’s all over the place. An Mc that’s just ehh, Grammar that’s not the best. Unrealistic answers and too much drama.


I’d love to see: Diversity (obviously), good humor, appropriate amounts of romance, original plot.

I kinda dislike: cliche plots, anything about bad boys, annoying straight couples lol, lack of poc and lgbt rep, and stories with plot holes.


bad cliffhangers,
annoying characters
male domination
wayyy to much cliché stuff
boring stuffff
glitches and coding errors
forgetting to credit
stuff against the guidelines
bad grammar
Too much limited customization
short chapters
long intros/outros


Well, I would just avoid jokes that are offensive (obviously) or themes that promote wrongs things. Grammar is also a big part for me, don’t use too much abbreviations because I find those very annoying in all the dialouges. For example: “Omg yes idk abt that tho lmao” Like its fine if you use it in a few lines but it gets annoying if its the entire story lol.


Something that really puts me off on stories is bad spelling and grammar, it makes the story look low effort and unprofessional. I also hate toxic masculinity and controlling LIs. Stereotypes are another thing to avoid because they can sometimes be offensive, have different characters, try avoid making Asians the smart kids, avoid making gay people the sassy best friend with great fashion choices and etc.


Like everyone has said there is no such thing as a good story or perfect story. Because we all have our own likes and dislikes.

As for things that annoy me, would be a MC falling in love with the bad guy and making terrible choices. Like bruh u had it coming…another thing that makes a bad story is not speech directing their bubbles because it’s all over the place. Sometimes you can’t read it. Last but not least gem choices. Let’s be real gem choices are expensive and ain’t nobody has the money for that.


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I think the biggest thing is having a plan or spending enough time editing to make the story look like you had a plan since the beginning. This helps keep the tone and characters consistent. It also reduces filler content or replaces it with something more important. Sometimes it helps to try reading what you’ve written pretending that you’re reading the story for the first time. See what you notice worked, didn’t work, and could be expanded on further.


• Authors who eases us into the story and don’t jump from the main character kissing the bad boy to marrying his brother or something.
It’s way better when they show us the backstory, let’s us know more about characters, etc.
• No clichés like, bad boys, mafias, vampires, sexy CEO, etc.
• A genuinely good story line, with dialogue that makes sense.
That’s all of the things I can think of that make a “perfect” story.


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