What to do for motivation?

Hi guys :relieved: I’ve been wondering what to do to stay motivated on writing my story, but I’ve found it hard. Coding takes me a long time, so I kind of dread doing it!

I also don’t want to spend so much time on the story just for it to flop once I publish it.

So what do you guys do to keep yourself motivated to write/code? I’d love to hear what you guys all have to say!! <3


Before I published, getting to publish and see how it does was motivation, now i get my motivation from really sweet comments and dms from people I met on here.
And you got this, i’m sure your story is great :star_struck:


Personally I get inspiration from songs/ tv shows that kinda relate to my story.


Right? I have a playlist that is on when I’m writing/coding lol


It sounds super cheesy, but make a pinterest board with any images that you feel ties into what you’re writing about, and like the comments above me, find movies and TV shows, even music that you associate with that story! Write down any new and interesting ideas you have for the story, whether you’re going to implement them or not. That way, you’ll be stacked with good material and inspiration to hopefully start writing <3


You’re not alone!!
For me, I like looking over people’s comments and reviews on my story it really makes me smile and makes me feel better. If you ever need anyone to talk to when ur not motivated I’m always here!! <33


a few things

  1. my own interest. I like codeing, yes its hard. I gave up when I first started. because it was so hard. many improvement have been made since. there have made it much more easy. when I started there was no youtube tutorial, I could not get acces to the forum for some reason. and you had to look at your phone to see how the code work. and the spot directing

it have taken time to learn. I still need to look stuff up sometimes. but I enjoy to code. wouldnt do it if I didnt.

  1. music helps. or I usally watch videos while reading. it can make it take longer to write though because sometimes I get caught in what I am watching and stop writhing for a half hour or something. but it keeps me motivated because something is going on


4 PLAN THE STORY. if you code at the same time you write you will get stuck. the best way to write is just write and not focus on details or mistakes. or code in the episode case. when you have written the story you can tart to fix it.

so just write. I usally write it like this in the script

At the volcano. they fight against Dearil
Jane and Roar gets captured.
Dan run to crap the stuff. but she falls over the cliff.
Dearil cant look down into the volcano to see if she survved. all he can see is the bright light
But he assumse so. so he use the teleport spell to get prince and jane back to evil castle
But Dan actually got stopped by a clif outsatas not long down. she was still holding on to the ingridients.
She is found by trolls they help her

Make sure he is locked up in the tower and never leaves
And the girl throw her in the dungeon.

Is been a few days

So how feels it to be locked up

Can you do me a favor

that text dosent make much sense. but I know what is happening in that scene. and when you know what is happening in evry chapter it is much easier to code.

also its easier to throw in detail there will matter later if you know what is happening later.

so just write write WRITE and dont think about code before you have plotted every chapter.

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It can be really hard to stay motivated, especially before publishing the story since you’re not getting any feedback or reaction yet. I published my first story in 2018 and then my second one in early 2019 and haven’t published anything since, but started working on a story in September last year.

I got to the “exciting parts”, creating my characters, writing the main ideas (that actually inspired me to write the story in the first place) but then, after that was done I felt I ran out of motivation because again, I’m not getting any feedback and basically just second-guessing scenes and twists.

So I picked on it two months ago, and the one thing that keeps me motivated is working on something every day or every other day. It could be making random outfits I may use, or listening to music that ignites any feeling, or coding a couple of lines, or editing a scene I think it’s done, but working on something, not necessarily writing or coding, but all this helps to keep the story and the characters present.

I’ve gotten inspired by looking through Pexels (a website I get most of my backgrounds) and one beautiful picture of a field of flowers or a beach or a sunset can really inspire a romantic scene for instance. Just keep at it, and if you’re like me and get ideas at any moment (literally) keep your phone or sticky notes and a pen with you and write down keywords that can help you remember later when you actually have the chance to write.

And lastly (I’m sorry I’ve written this much), if you feel like you need some sort of feedback for extra confirmation that you’re on the right path, then you should seek for a proofreader. You can post about it here on the forums and I know you’ll find someone that can help. And if you want to talk about your story or anything you can also message.

I hope this helps! :smile:


Sorry to hear about your problem with motivation :frowning: Sometimes I struggle too as this may be rather monotonous work, so I try to create a motivating atmosphere. I don’t feel distracted with music so I always have something playing in the background while coding. I prefer listening to something energetic to speed me up. Usually, I discover music on youtube and download it to make it more simple for me to compile a playlist and to transfer it to any device. I usually use this mp3 converter www.flvto.biz/en73/ as it’s the fastest and the most reliable one for me. Hope it’ll help you


right! coding takes a long time and it can be hard untill its becomes easy and you just keep remembering it! what i personally do to keep my motivation up is just ask yourself a guestion like:do i really want to continue this story ,or want to publish this story ,do i REALLY WANT THIS? 8if that makes sense soif you really want it just keep continued it the key to my secret is just personally keep going and believe in yourself bec if you really like writing then you automatically keep writing and keep the motivation ik theres also can be alot of stress atleast for me but just keep thinking that hard work later improves your story and is worth it ,hope this helped

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Coding is a pain in the @ss most of the time.

What helps when I’m unmotivated is I listen to music that relates to the characters (I have a Spotify playlists for each character)

I also write out dialogue and basic movements in the notes app.

Little sample of a notes page from episode 3 of my story

Then I rewrite it into the portal whenever I get the chance. I never copy and paste it, I just use the notes as a basic outline for what I want to say. The final dialogue is different than what I showed here, but it gave me something to work with.




I cry :clown_face:
kidding i only do dat sometimes! anyway i get off the forums BIGGEST MF DISTRACTION and i just play my playlist and hope i have motivation :smile:

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bumping :relieved:

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I listen to music and create playlists that match the story I’m writing about. reading books and manga can also help entice creativity and motivation.

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