What to do when starting a story?

Hello everyone! I’m currently trying to write a story. I have it planned out and all :
Did you see the romance movies? Well their story is nothing like mines. I need help on how to start my story, I know all of the spots and all, just need help on starting. Any suggestions?

  1. Don’t make the relationship so dreamy and perfect, that isn’t reasonable! Each one has to have their ups and downs or else the characters wouldn’t form a strong bond and plus it’s so perfect it’s creepy.
  2. Start with a vivid background with lots of entertaining visuals, animations and themes! It can catch the eye of the readers right at the beginning, or begin with a bang. Don’t use paragraphs of dialogue. Show not tell
  3. Start with a situation in which you feel you can expand a lot on.

Thank you for your feedback and support!

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Plan and script on google docs

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Think about how you would feel, how you would react and what you would do in each situation. Make it attractive and don’t go for the obvious choices


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