What To Do When You Feel Like You're Failing As An Author

Sometimes I just feel like… I’m failing as an episode author… I’m always needing help. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, preferably to feel better?


Try to remember why you started writing in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. Whenever, I get to my limit of working on my story. I go on an break and just leave it alone.



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Remember that by asking for help, you are improving yourself and are becoming better. One of these days someone will be looking for help, and YOU will be helping them!

Also know that you are not a failure, one thing I know is that there will always be someone who will love your story, so believe in them. Do it for them! (And yourself of course!) Don’t forget to always publish it when you are satisfied with it yourself too, not just for the sake of publishing.


Get off of Instagram. I find it really discouraging. And don’t follow any episode accounts unless you can handle the annoyingness and extraness of the community. Also DON’T compare yourself to others in general. And remember there’s nothing wrong with needing help, it’s better than not improving yourself.


Listen to music :musical_note:

It might help keep you motivated : )

yep I’ve been feeling that, I’m always happy for anyone in the community who reaches any milestone, then there’s me with 100+ reads/views, it’s kinda discouraging. but I keep reminding myself to write for myself continue writing something that I want to read myself, the first few chapters of mine are crap but it’s getting a revamp right now,

I always listen to music if though it may not help me with writing but certain scenes I’ll listen to certain songs to try getting into the right mood I’m going for in the story. I haven’t been particularly happy with mine but now it’s getting a revamp I think I’ll finally be proud of it.

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