What to Do When You Have ZERO Motivation

I think everyone has been stuck in a rut everyone now and then but a lot of time what gets the best of us is the comfort in that rut. You’ve been COMPROMISED.

There’s this thing that you want to accomplish so badly! You see others flourishing and you want to flourish, too! You make dream boards and think of the thousands of praises and compliments you’ll be getting but that hasn’t been enough. So what do you do?

  1. Don’t make it a chore. You’ve already set yourself for failure if you’re in a mindset where you “have to do something” instead of simply wanting to do it. That sucks the fun out of everything. If something that you don’t want to do, but you have to do it, try to make it fun. Set milestones and award yourself along the way. If there’s no way in doing that, then try to trick yourself into thinking it’s fun. If that also doesn’t work, analyze and ask yourself why you HAVE to do it and is it worth sacrificing your time and energy.

  2. Get out of your head. You might be more of the dreamer than you think. Stop thinking about the end goal and think about the journey. Control how much you fantasize about the goal you want to achieve. If you’re so focused on the endgame and not the journey itself, then HOW THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET THERE? (I say this with tough love on myself and you)

  3. JUST DO IT. The hardest part, AND I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP, is starting! This is said a lot because it’s true. Our minds are so powerful they become our obstacles in telling us what we can and cannot do. So if you overcome this one obstacle(that is your mind) which just might be the only obstacle stopping you from achieving something, you’ll be okay. Once you start, you’ll continue with ease since you’ve now realized that you actually CAN do it. Tell your mind who’s boss!

Felt like sharing a few encouraging words because I’m going through this right now. If anyone would like to share their own experience or any other helpful tips, do so below! :relaxed:

Good luck on your journey, Episodian!


Thanks! I love the positivity!


Aww tysm!

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