What to do with dose it while sit?

Hi, what do I do after, for example, that I drive the Char in a sitting position and at the end they stand and then, of course, I write that they sIt again.
So they sit.
What to do that they stay sit?

What codes are you using?

you mean ink or ll?
I use ink

No, I mean what animation codes are you using? What have you written in your codes? I can help you find the glitch in your codes that’s making the characters stand up

sound car_honk
@SAYMON walks to spot 0.808 95 169 in zone 1 in 2 AND IAN walks to spot 0.801 180 172 in zone 1 in 2 AND IAN faces left and pan to zone 2 AND overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN shifts to 257 111 in zone 1 in 1.2 AND overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN scales to 0.585 0.585 in 1.2 AND DILAR walks to spot 0.519 127 260 in zone 2 in 1.2 AND DILAR does it while sit AND KEVIN walks to spot 0.475 209 284 in zone 2 in 1.2 AND KEVIN does it while sit THEN DILAR is sit AND KEVIN spot 0.445 216 301 in zone 2
&KEVIN faces left AND KEVIN spot 0.453 224 300 in zone 2

I’m kind of confused but I’m assuming your asking what that code does? Or how to do it? If so it’s like :

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.928 324 565 AND CHARACTER does this while animation?

Let me know if you need any more help! I’ll gladly try and help as much as I can :smile:

Put the THEN animation right after the animation they’re doing for the walk, it stops the character doing the idle_stand animation after they’ve finished moving, in your case for 1.2 seconds while Kevin is moving.

&DILAR walks to spot 0.519 127 260 in zone 1 in 1.2 AND DILAR starts idle_sit_neutral_loop THEN DILAR starts idle_sit_neutral_loop

twic to do THEN?

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