What to include in a giveaway

Okay so everyone loves giveaways (right?) :full_moon_with_face: Tbh I never enter those giveaways-

I want to host a couple of giveaways in the future (for christmas, new year, halloween, randoms…) but I absolutely have no idea what to include in them.

Winning something is a great feeling, that’s something we all can agree on. Therefore I want to host “everyone-wins” giveaways. Well, I can’t draw each joining person a drawing, so a drawing as a prize is excluded (obviously) :cowboy_hat_face:

Back to my question: What to include in a giveaway? I listed some ideas below, but I’m in need of more (help a person out):

  • Brush set
  • Color Pallett/s
  • Outline/s
  • Hair/Lip/Eye PNG’s
  • Helpful links
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
  • Templates (we all need those)
  • Story suggestions

Every given idea will be highly appreciated =)

If this flops imma be sad~
Have a great day or night! :two_hearts:

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Hmmm… you could offer story reviews, story shoutouts, a follow, or spam of likes. I like your ideas about backgrounds, overlays, and templates too :two_hearts:

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