What trait would you want in a friend?



What trait would you want in a friend?
For me, I would want a friend that doesn’t take me for granted/doesn’t take me seriously (as I am quite the joker), I also would want a friend with a good sense of humor, and a type of friend who won’t distance themselves from me just because someone else doesn’t like me. Most importantly, a loving and caring friend.


I would want a friend that is loyal and open ears. I love it when they’re funny and just very free and chill as I am quite a serious person. I want a friend who’s honest with me when I’m being unreasonable. I want them to help me be the best version of myself as I would always do that for them.


I would love a friend that I can vent and rant my problems all day, and they have patience to listen. I like a friend that helps me when I’m down, and understands how I feel rather than avoiding how I feel, I love a friend that stays loyal, and never forget about me.


@Days and @Chocolate_Mama

Friends who are weirder than me ( which I thought was impossible… ) and deal with my annoying self.


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Mood af

Ideal characteristics are supportive, great people to joke with, kind and awesome!!


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I would want a friend who is caring, funny, honest, has a good sense of humour, shows they actually like me lol, someone I can vent to without being judged, and someone who accepts me for me. Oh, and someone who is loyal. :eyes:


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