What tropes do you think are so underused and so overused on Episode?

I’m going to say:

  • Reality shows
  • Pregnancy
  • Mermaid stories
  • In love with a celebrity
  • Male MCs
  • Plus size MCs

Moving on, here are some tropes that I think are overused on Episode:

  • Mafia
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Fake romance

But anyway, I’d love to hear what tropes do you think are so overused and underused on Episode and also I’d like to hear what tropes do you think should be used more on Episode. I’d love to hear your input and remember there is no right or wrong answer.


Pregnancy was extremely over used back in ink and early limelight.

I dont think this is overused as I rarely see them, or maybe we read different kind of stories.


Yes and no. I read some stories where pregnancy just was there to add some extra drama. I hate it when that happens. Then I am out. But there are some stories where pregnancy was there, but it wasn’t the main thing of the storyline. I would love to see more stories with pregnancy in it where the parents have it difficult to get children, their struggle and their pain. And please, stop those teenage pregnancies, that makes me sick as sh*t.

Yes, those are so underrated. And I am still waiting for the plus-size Male MC’s. By the way, most of my stories have male MC’s.


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