What turns you away from a story?

What are some things that turn you away from a story or that make you stop reading it?


Cliche stories where you all know what will happen


MC with no personality, clingy LI


What would your ideal MC be?

The stereotypical ‘Mean Girl’ character really gets on my nerves.


Yeess! I agree.

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Don’t use too much stereotypes in general

Which tereotypes in particular?

I mean there are tons of bad boy stories and you play as a nerd or the other way around, ofc you can use some but don’t make it like all the others

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I agree with you! Thankfully my story is far from this!

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Well, I am looking forward to new stories. So definitely share yours!

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Very bad directing, a foolish MC, the typical mean girl, toxic relationships, lots of cliché, racism, mafia, gang leaders, ect. :thinking:


Excessive CC. I came to read the story. Not to customize every single character. That’s suppose to be your job. I can get customizing the MC or the love interests, but I don’t want to change the friends, or family members (you can make it so they change with the MC). It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

Also the cover. More than half of the covers in the user stories I think have some shirtless guy with why too much detail in the abs and some sort of sexual undertones with the female character on the cover with him. Aren’t those against the Content Guidelines???

Those are just a couple of examples, really. I’m selective with the stories on my list, so I rarely come across issues. Also I’m put off if the story is something to do with the cliche “bAd bOy” or “MaFiA” or “pReGnAnT bY” or anything along those lines. I’m not all that big on romance because it has a bad rep in the Episode community, imo.


I’m waiting for my cover art so I haven’t published it yet. But if you follow my Instagram @uglygh0stt I’ll post when I publish!

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I absolutely hate when I have to customize every single character. So I have ot just for the MC and LI and the twin.
Thanks for your feedback! I’m pretty picky when it comes to stories too lol what genres do you prefer?

These are all things I’m avoiding in mine so I’m happy to hear this lol


I agree with this but sadly all these especially those shirtless covers get a lot of attention and popularity and the halo effect kicks in.


Well, since coming back to Episode, I’ve been favoriting fantasy, but I have a few drama stories and maybe one or two romances. It’s hard to say because a story that’s in a certain genre should actually belong in another, etc.

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That’s what I’ve been gravitating towards lately too. I’m not sure what category to put my story in.:woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

If only have sub categories to insert our story in. It will be really helpful. Even I don’t know which should my story fall under.