What type of choices do you want to see?

Hey all! So…I’ve currently finished writing 3 episodes for my story, but I’m currently editing it to make it better. As I edit, I realize that I needed more choices, since I basically only have outfit and hairstyle choices:( My story involves romance with multiple love interests, and I have thought about character points but I felt that my character is the one choosing and idk if i should have the reader end up choosing who they want to be with…and idk what else to do

Without further ado, this leads to my question of what kind of choices would you want me to add to my story…This is because it’s not only about the story plot that’s important, it’s the content and choices that you put in so that readers can get the full excitement, get what i mean? Like would you want choices that would impact the storyline (tho this would mean me having to make different outcomes…)? Or would you want choices that impact relationships and how they act? But I would like the type of choice to be unique to the story…

So anyway, again, what kind of choices do you want to see in the story, or what kind of recommendations do you guys want to give me??

I’m about to publish soon, so the feedback is greatly helpful :slight_smile: thanks!

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I think that the only choices you need are ones that matter. I like point system. Your choices could affect relationships with other characters and those relationships can affect the storyline. Just don’t make it too obvious. For example:

MC: What chould I do?
a) Slap him (-1 LI)
b) Be the better person (+1 LI)