What Type of Contest?

So I’m planning on doing a contest on here when I finish all my requests. I don’t know what type of contest people would like. I’m tryna attract a large group of people.

I’m trying to see what you guys enjoy

Also for some reason my poll’s aren’t working
The options are

  • Outline Contest
  • Regular Art Contest
  • Some New Type of Contest

If you have a contest idea that you’ve seen or thought of let me know💕

Oof I’m so unorganized


Some type of new contest

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Lol my brain is empty oof :joy:

  • Outline Contest!
  • Regular Art Contest!
  • Some New Type of Contest :thinking:

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Made it for ya :wink:

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Tysm. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::heartpulse::two_hearts:

I’m tagging ppl. (Random sry)
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new type. I am tired of outlines, and regular art. time for a new one.


I’m writing down notes :nerd_face:

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Something new

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Oh wow, I’ve been summoned :sweat_smile:

A regular art contest is something I’d like to participate in. :grin:

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Something new.

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An art contest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Contest idea for Nae

I have an idea.How about remaking of our first art contest.I mean remake of old art. This contest idea isn’t mines but someone on deviantart introduced this contest over there I think it might be fun to have such a contest on here too.We can recreate an art piece that we did in the past and the person who has the most improvement in their art wins. I hope you like my idea.


That’s brilliant! I’m 99% sure I want to do that. Thanks for the recommendation.:two_hearts:

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Rounds contest?

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I love round contests!

Also I don’t know about prizes oof

Ohh I like that idea.


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Regular art contest or something new. I’m tired of outlines.

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