What type of Episode story do you want to see?

I might just write it.:wink:

Drama filled, stories with diversity. Non-cliche, doesn’t sexualize anything, and realistic. Interesting and captivating horror stories.


I myself like horror/thriller/mystery stories, but not everyone does. But I think a base for what most people like is:

  • Unique plot
  • Diversity (not all pretty white blondes etc.)
  • Somewhat interesting
  • Doesn’t sexualise or glorify anything that’s bad
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you have taking my profile pic :rage:

just joking i had Ralsie as my profile pic here until last week. he is super cute

also about the story just make something you wanna write dont care about what other want if you dont wanna make it yourself it won’t be made good

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O, well, the answer is in this topic I’ve just made: More stories with MC's in their twinties or just stories for adults? :sunglasses:

Well stories with characters that are diverse in many ways such as: Sexualities, Sexual Preferences, Nationalities, Interests and overall personalities. I find it much more interesting to read stories where characters are very different. As well as multiple story arcs focusing on more than just one character

Also while this is not a requirement for me I do like when authors display aspects of their own cultures in stories. Feels like we have more of a connection to the writer that way and it’s fun to learn about them!