What type of music do u like? [poll]



doing this bc im bored lol

  • rap music
  • pop
  • country
  • other

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Generally I can go for all,

I.e J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar for rap


I prefer classical or big band.


@alilli.flora I would say all, lol, except country. The only I use country for is for sad parts. :joy:


Rock, punk and heavy metal :sunglasses::sunglasses: do like a bit of country and rock ‘n’ roll


lol country makes me sleep haha


I think you should add rock and electronic music, they are more popular than country. And more importantly that’s what I like :smiley:
Just kidding, no one cares what I like, but probably this is the reason why the “other” genre has the highest votes.


I like more punk music, like the band Icon For Hire or New Years Day


I’m more into rock and rap. I honestly hate pop (don’t bash me please :upside_down_face:) It’s just they all sound so generic and similar to each other.


Anything except modern mainstream rap, hip hop, pop, all mainstream music actually… I also do not like country music. My favorite group is Depeche Mode :sunglasses:


Gospel and Christian music.

I like mainstream pop too, sometimes.


All genres except for country and (can’t stand it and I live in Texas :joy:), heavy metal. I’m okay with some rap, mostly songs from the early 2000s but there’s a few current ones I like. I love indie, classical, alternative, EDM, dubstep, R&B…I just love music in general.


I can appreciate all kinds of music but I prefer to listen to R&B and neo soul. Love Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Angie Stone, Alicia Keys, the list goes on. Could also go for some mellow rock.


kpop lol, as for english music its mostly indie pop i would say


i like indie and alternative music (also chill stuff and lil peep rip)


Pop 100%


Pretty much a mix of everything. All genres of rock, metal, pop, hip hop, rap, experimental, industrial, punk, hardcore, jazz, blues, alternative. Music is love <3


I prefer sad and not pop or rap music like calming and relaxing ones


I am a pretty simple person…I love all music! But on the top of my list is rocke,emo (if that even is a genre) and alternative.


I prefer rap songs because most of them have very deep meanings behind them