What type of stories do you like?

Hey everyone! So I have a question what type of stories do you all enjoy? (ie, drama, mafia, high school, action) I have recently decided that I want to get into writing and directing so here I am!
Also if possible what do you like in a story, (mini games, characters customization, name customization)
Thanks in advance! :two_hearts::blush:

I enjoy reading fantasies (especially medieval fantasies), adventure and action. I don’t really care about customization and prefer not to name them. Mini games can make my phone lag which is a bit of a headache but for the most part they’re fun. I also like when you can choose the MC’s gender/sexuality, but thatrequires some dialogue change as well for it to make sense and I understand that not many authors want to do the extra coding (or can’t be bothered- myself included lmao).

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I like always