What type of stories make you like or dislike them and why?

Just out of curiosity, What makes a story likeable in your opinion. Is it the storyline, directing, music or art? What genre do you guys like the most? :relaxed:

Also what type of stories do you dislike and what makes then unlikeable to you personally? For example, types of topics. I think we can all agree that spelling mistakes are ugh! :sob:



a lot of people has this boring plot where there dont actually happen anything.

I dont like slice of life stuff cause it is boring


Okay, lemme tell ya, I could rant about this for agesss but WHY DOES EVERYONE WRITE STORIES ABOUT GANGS/MAFIAS IT’S SO FREAKING OVERUSED BUT THEY CONTINUE TO DO ITTT :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:
So, please, never write a story about that bc literally 3/4 of the stories on episode are about that and I’m sooo sick of itttttt

welp, that was dramatic

Anyways, other things I hate are horrible grammar, overused/cliche plots, lazy/bad directing, stories about vampires, and barely any choices.

Some things that I like about stories:
Well-developed and original plots, really well-developed characters, choices, really good directing, good grammar, a well-written summary that pulls you in, music that fits in with whatever scene, and good cover art that catches your eye so that you want to read it!!
Also, my favourite genre is Fantasy! I love ittt. But I also really love mystery and action. There’s not very many really good fantasy writers unfortunately. But I’m writing one so I hope it turns out well.


I agree about the whole gang/mafia thing! I’ve never really read any stories when that kind of description because like you said, it’s really overused. :joy:

I agree with every single detail that you just mentioned. Especially a story without any choices.

I can’t wait to read your fantasy story! :open_mouth::sparkling_heart:


Yeah, I can’t wait to actually write it!! :joy::joy::joy:

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I just hate when some authors put like happy music during a scary scene or sad music over an excited scene I’m like wtf you doin that doesn’t make sense :joy::joy:


Lol that’s the worse or happy music during a sad scene! :joy: Also when the sad music switches abruptly and turns into happy music… :grimacing:

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Ikkkk I hate when authors don’t fade the music cause it changes so suddenly lmao

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Tell me about it! :joy:

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@Sydney_H and @Jeremy, maybe you could help take this topic down. Thank you :blush:

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