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hey guys! :relaxed: so, i’ve been reading episode stories for quite a while now and have a boatload of drafts myself that seem to have never taken off (due to my laziness, really). HOWEVER!

i’d like to know two things:

  1. the story idea i’m really excited to actually get going is fantasy (period drama, piracy, etc.) - i haven’t seen a lot of stories dealing with pirates (more so royalty, wolves, vampires and such) so i thought it’d be cool to diversify that a bit. thoughts?
  2. would you prefer to create-your-own character (+ possibly, love interest), or would you rather have characters pre-made?

THANKS A MILLION and hopefully i hear from y’all!!

Mentor needed for newbie

i’d love a pirate story, that seems interesting & unique.

i usually prefer Limited CC, where we can change small traits of the MC.
like the shades of brown their eyes are.

of course, most Epsiode users feel entitled to customizing their entire character.
if you really have a vision for your character, don’t worry about them & design the characters how think they’ll be best.


i’m definitely going for something in the 1800’s, kind of make the MC an unconventional female lead. i think since it is my first, i’ll customize them and allow certain traits to be edited so the coding isn’t too bad.

thank you!!!


i’ll definetly check it out when it’s ready !


Actually, I am writing a fantasy story about pirates :wink: But I agree with you, it’s not that common.

I also know that many prefer customisation, but as for me personally, I prefer to stick to the author’s vision if if the MC looks totally different from how I would have portrayed her.

I hope that helps!



Pirate story would definitely be something new and finally something fresh! I feel like the entire fantasy section is filled with only vampires and wolves and it only revolves around romance (especially wolf ones, I’d also love to see a wolf story that offers something else than finding a mate and fighting with other pack) but okay I’m getting off topic here. :sweat_smile:
Yes, I’d love to read a pirate story and please let me know when it will be done. :slight_smile:
@Alex_Af also when you finish writing your story, I’d love to check it out.
And regarding CC, I prefer it to be limited, but again I believe most people enjoy the full CC.


Sure! It’s my entry for the Fantastical contest, so it’s called Fantastical: Black Shadow and I am doing my best to get it finished by the contest deadline :joy::joy::joy: You can have a few sneak-peeks ( so far art scenes and video intros) on my IG: @episode.alex.af I will be posting a video trailer as well, so you can get an idea.

Thank you very much for your interest!


Your point of view is perfect, that you respect author and his visions . :heart:
You are like one in a million :grin:


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Awww, thank you very much for such sweet words! I am very touched!



A pirate theme would be pretty cool! I’d enjoy it better if the main character was customizable. Not as much so if you made it possible to customize the whole cast. I just like it that way, personally.


It doesn’t matter to me if it is CC or pre-made character if the plot is really good and the characters are well written. However I tend to have more of a connection to a pre-made character because it is easier to discover who they are more quickly because of their defined looks and name.

Yeah there are not too many good pirate or period drama stories, so the more the merrier.


I love historical dramas!! You will have to tell us when you publish it!


thank you sooooo so much to everyone who’s replied! the input is seriously helpful and i’m currently working on the development of the characters’ backgrounds and the direction i want the story to go in. i’ve also lowkey been binging on pirates of the caribbean so that i have an idea of how i want the story to look.

i’ll let you guys know once it’s posted! :slight_smile:


Hey, guys! **
I would really appreciate if you’ll give a read to my entry

Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~CC
**Fantasy \ Thriller **
By Lawful Evil



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