What types of things are you studying?

Hey everyone!
Someone got me thinking about college and I still don’t really know what I want to study there. I’m thinking about going into travel & tourism, but I still have a year to think about it all. What are you studying in school or college? Or what types of jobs have you gone into? Is there anything that you do or don’t recommend? I’m seeing if there’s anything else that sounds interesting that I might want to study in college.

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Definitely start with your general education because that really helps you find subjects that peek your interest! I was undecided for my first year when I finally took an english class and realized that that was something that I wanted to major in. Along the way I have also found several classes to be incredibly interesting that I didn’t think I would like but had to take. I know it can be a little discouraging to start college when you have no idea what you want to major in (not that this seems to apply to you but for me it was lol) but once you start going its 100% worth it! Go talk with a counselor to get an idea of what classes you might want to take or go onto the college’s website and see what classes are offered. Either way, I would highly suggest meeting with a counselor to map out you potential future courses (This is suuuuuuuper helpful!) Also see if you apply for FAFSA!
Good luck! :grin:

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Thank you! I’m pretty sure next year they make everyone go to a counselor to figure it all out. I’m thinking about travel & tourism and I might do a little beauty on the side for fun. By the way, what is FAFSA?

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Financial aid through the government! It’s a grant that is awarded to specific people who apply for it. Go see a financial aid councilor and they can tell you all about it (this grant saves my life every quarter so I highly recommend!!!).

Omg, it sounds like a really good opportunity for many people! I don’t need it though because I live in the UK, so college is free from ages 16-18 (when we leave high school). Thank you for suggesting it, though!

Oh really? Haha sounds like I should have moved to the UK!

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Bumping out of interest ~