What vine are you?


If there’s one vine to describe your life, what would it be?

or multiple

all vines are welcome


“Excuse my potty mouth”, probably the one where the dude gets scared by a friend, scream and then continues like he’ singin Chandelier.

Also, this. (lol)


:joy::joy: that’s the song with the guy in the sky


Yup, I rolled off my bed first time I heard that c’:


I love it




The one where he’s like “Uhm… C-can I please get a waffle?..” :joy: I die every time I watch it


“Welcome to Bible Study. We’re all children of Jesus! Kumbayaaa my Lord!!” -Christine Sydelko


That’s one of my favorites


This is my All Time Favorite.


YOU NOT MY DAD! Ugly ass fucking noodle hair :triumph:


Country boiii i love you :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for checking in I'm

Still a Piece of GARBAGEEE…


aHhHhH! Ahhh!

WHY are you rrrunning?



In class, there was this kid who would just play it on his phone super loud, every. single. day. But yet, we’d all still crack up.


Every time my best friend looks down at me (Fucking giants.) and goes like: “What’s going on down here?”



@LeIsaac Not breakfast, just bakfast. :joy:


Why you always lying? (Why?)


oh my god, stop lying




I know that is not a vine, but it’s what I wake up to in the morning