What Was High School Like For You?

Hi Episode community!
I just wanted to ask about what seems like a realistic high school experience for some of you, given that everyone is from all over on this app and website. My first story centers around a few seniors in high school and people have such varying opinions on what their lives are should be like.

What was typical in your high school?

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Well, there were no bullies and queen bees like there are in so many stories. Mind you, I graduated from a small private school so I never got the full experience

Although I came from a small high school, gossiping and spreading rumors were my school mates’ favorite past time, every day there was some type of conflict (while I was just in the corner just watching, sipping tea). But a highschooler’s life doesn’t have to be just that, some students just come to school and leave, some instigate drama, some just spread news, and some just come to slack off.


always drama about who someone likes


I also went to a small school, so we didn’t have to popular dynamics that are shown in movies and stories. Everyone liked each other because everyone partied together and EVERYONE did drugs to some extent. Most of us had already moved out by junior or senior year.

I’m a senior this year so I can relate.
I agree when it comes to stuff as queen bees, bullies, bad boys and such. We are more or less a good community, even though we have popular kids and not so popular kids.
We argue and gossip a lot but it’s never with the intention to hurt someone.
I’m the type who observes from the distance and listens rather than talk, so I know a lot about what’s going on.
Maybe it’s just our school… or not. :smile:


I think I’m going to regret sharing this but here it goes… :sweat_smile:

I went to an All Girls Secondary School (England’s equivalent of high school) - it specialised in language and IT so we had a lot of high tech computers, projectors e.t.c as well as a lot of school trips to foreign countries (roughly 10 different foreign trips a year). Sounds great but meant inappropriate pictures blown up to 100x their size onto a wall and 60 sets of parents coming into the school to complain about their 15 year olds coming home from Poland with a tattoo :joy:

Bullying occurred quite a lot at my school, as you can imagine having around 800 teen girls all together, drama was an everyday thing - the real struggle was keeping up with ‘who slept with who’ blah blah blah. I lost count how many fights I witnessed, some were just little slaps, but others were quite bad and ambulances were called.

Anyone who smoked cigarette’s would go behind our sports hall as it was secluded, usually there would be someone watching out for teachers - me :see_no_evil: :joy:

Some students at my school were unbelievably smart, I mean incredible! They should have gone to a specialist school to be honest - one person is actually a published author now and had her first book published whilst she was a student! Despite what happens in Episode stories, I don’t recall bullying happening because of intelligence much. I’m not saying it never happened but it was more of a rarity.

The boys from the boy school would sneak to our school and eat lunch with us, then would run around being chased by the teachers :joy:

Of course, each year group had a specific group of girls that were more well known than others - the group in my year group were mostly nice to everyone except 2 or 3 of them who were just mean (they almost killed my classmate who was a severe asthmatic, they cornered her and sprayed deodorant in her face).

I guess my school was what you would expect from a large amount of hormonal teen girls stuck together for 8 hours everyday to be honest :woman_shrugging:t3:
I could write so much more than this but feel this is probably enough…


Wow, I would love to hear stories about a place like that, lol. That sounds like the setting for some interesting drama–my school was SUPER small and right on the beach and a bunch of stoners so no one ever talked trash, really. We would all just hang out at the beach together after school at bonfires and stuff. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Drama, more drama, did I forget drama? Especially this year, and it’s all about college talk and SAT talk and just future talk, and It’s so tiring I literally just pulled out a grey hair

Really?? Rofl. I work at a high school now and my students’ problems are SO DIFFERENT than what my classmates worried about–and we’re only a few years apart. My students now have tons of gossip and drama and they look down on anyone different whereas we didn’t care about any of that stuff. There was never really any gossip or drama, I can only think of two or three times throughout all of high school where anyone every stopped being friends with someone else even…


I think I would much rather have gone to your school to be honest, the beach sounds much better than the Thames :sweat_smile:

We had a lot of stoners but also a few that did heavier drugs. I think I was 14 or 15 when we were walking into our Maths class and our classmate was on the floor fitting from injecting :confused: Fortunately after that happened she got help and is celebrating 10 years of complete sobriety!


well i live in denmark so no high school. unleash you move you are in the same school from start to graduation.

That’s awesome!!


Denmark… doesn’t have high school? How did I not know this? :frowning:

Well I’m in my last year of Swedish high school, which is only 3 years but we start after 9th grade, when we’re 16.
In Sweden every high school has different programs, so I go to a school with ONLY creative programs, such as art & design (that’s where I go), singer/songwriter, theater and so on. So a typical day in our school is kinda different… you can always se all the art students outside, smoking our lungs out. Then you’ll definitely hear the extremely annoying singer/songwriters in the stairway, singing their lungs out. The theater kids you only see in the cafeteria, they’re just very loud, that’s how you spot them. Idk it’s a lot of different kind of people. We don’t really have any bullying or anything, some vandalism tho… everyone draws everywhere.
It used to be a lot of drama but that have pretty much faded… I think… otherwise I might just not hear it since I’m only in a corner drawing. :thinking:


Wow, I clearly don’t know enough about European secondary schooling, lol.

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Haha yeah, it’s pretty different from all these American movies!

I’m still in highschool and one word: Hell.


For what it’s worth, I think those aren’t super accurate? Or, at least, not for me–but I did go to a strange style of school. I guess it’s kind of like what you described–it was a concentrated academy, but focused around marine science and oceanography (since we were right on the water). But nothing like in the movies–no cliques, no popular girls, no jocks–we didn’t even have sports teams. :thinking:

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Oh wow, sounds pretty cool tbh
But yeah idk my brother lives in the US and he always describes it as it is in the movies! But he goes to this gigantic school, the only high school in town I think. So it might depend on what school you go to?