What Was High School Like For You?

Definitely! When I got to university, my friends would talk about their time in high school and it sounded more like movies, lol. I think bigger schools have dynamics more similar to that which is portrayed in media.

nope. you can go to efter skole, which is kinda school where you live there, unil you graduate, or take a efter udandelse, kinda our version of a collgede, but you dont live at those, i have one of those,

Yeah probably, I mean, the bigger the school the higher are the chances that those clichés go there

I’m ending high school in May (ahhhhhhh). Recently, the class of 2019 counselor sent out an angry message telling us that almost a hundred seniors are failing at least one class and there have been a whole bunch of absences this quarter. People might get kicked out club events and field trips. I am just glad that I am not one of them…


Hmm, Gossip girls, RUMORS ABOUT ME RUMORS ABOUT ME, Bullying (I have stood up to others who were bullied) My crush called me a lesbian, he called me ugly, he rated my best friend a 10 and me a 9, My best friend Gossiped with my other friend (she told me).
Bullying, A girl named miracle blah blah blah. I could go on.

What? I was never offered a trip abroad the entirety of secondary school, I took geography for gcse as well :joy:


Really? Would it make you feel better if I said I didn’t go on a single trip abroad? :joy:
There were so many, I can’t remember where they all went to but I remember:

  • France - This was an every year thing because at our school, everyone had their French GCSE before Year 9
  • Spain - Same as above.
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • New York
  • ROI
  • Portugal

I can’t remember any of the others.

Something bad always happened on these trips though! My friend got robbed in Barcelona :see_no_evil:


•My older cousin (6 years older) went to Barcelona with geography in year 10.
•There was a skiing trip for year 11 but I was in year 10 at the time.
•There was a American exchange for year 10 when I was in year 11.
•A Naples trip for year 9 when I was in year 10.
•A Paris or Germany trip for year 9 when I was in year 10. (A girl who I knew in they year below me went and she stayed with a family who has a farm in the middle of no where with no signal which was creepy af)

So I managed to slip through the net and was never offered a trip :joy:


That must have sucked, awfully bad luck for you! :sweat_smile:

Somewhat unrelated to the post so I'm hiding it...

To be fair though, the trips I went on staying in England weren’t too bad!
My first 3 days of Year 7 was this weird team building trip doing orienteering, bird watching e.t.c. Warwick Castle, London Aquarium, London Science Museum, London History Museum, Theatre to watch ‘Great Expectations’ (Can’t remember which theatre it was) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dorset Beach, Bristol Zoo, A Study Centre nearby, 2 Art Galleries - there were more but these were the ones I remember and went on :slight_smile:
I doubt they do this many now though, my town has become rather large so there’s so many more pupils.

I guess my school was pretty awesome when it came to school trips! Though at the time it just seemed like they wanted money :joy:


OOF yeah it’s so different now like highly

High school sucked. I was the “weird” kid.

I was an outcast since I listened to metal, wore black clothes, dyed my hair different colors almost every month and some of my classmates thought I adore Satan. :,D Some of them were even afraid of me because I could look at them with really evil eyes. :,D (I was totally harmless, though, I mean, physically, but my mouth was deadly if I opened it! :D) I had my own group of friends (clique) - the other metal heads and the geeks. I attended a kinda good high school so there was no bullying there, only drama and gossips and cliques (a lot of them). And the main topic of our conversations with my friends were boys (or girls with the male friends - I had more of them than female friends), parties, books, movies, series, roleplaying game and other nerd stuffs. (We even had an imaginary rock band. xD And an imaginary world where we were the gods - I was the goddess of torture and pain. :,D) And in my opinion, my friends were cool, but I found the popular kids kinda boring. And actually, after I become 16, I drank a lot througout the leftover high school years. :,D Almost every Friday and Saturday I went to parties or concerts with my friends (outside of school) or we just hanged out somewhere on the streets. We had a field trip every year, we voted on where to go. It meant almost the whole class drank together at night behind the teachers’ back. xD Those were the only times when everyone liked one another.
Besides the fact that I was a ‘bad girl’, I still had good grades (except in History since I hated the teacher and the feeling was mutual XD). Actually, I loved to be in high school because I had those really awesome friends there. Unfortunately, I’m in touch with only of them at the moment, but we also lost contact for years before. :frowning: We just reunited last year after we both gave birth to our children.
(School system in my Hungary looks like this btw: 8 years of elementary school , then 4 years of high school - or 6 years of elementary school and 6 years of high school, but that model is not widespread -, then vocational education (1-3 years) OR college/university for 3 years (BA)+2 years (MA), or 5 years if it’s medic school. College and university are kinda the same here. )

This was the only trip I was offered, we went to Drewent Hill which was really good tbh.

:open_mouth::open_mouth:This was more than I did the whole 5 years! For our first few days of year 7 we just did orienteering. Like we played blind man’s buff in the hall and had to go on a scavenger hunt around the school :joy:

Out of interest, was your school classed as posh or normal or chavy?

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Derwent hill looks like it would have been a fun trip :slight_smile: Are you a northerner? :sweat_smile:

I remember playing wink murder, scavenger hunts e.t.c but it didn’t make being with a load of people I’d never met before (except those I went to primary school with) any less awkward so it wasn’t the best trip :sweat_smile:

I would say it was a normal school. There are quite a few posh/private schools nearby though. I live near Oxford and that has its fair share of posh and chavy schools.

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Yeah a proper northerner. Practically a geordie but don’t tell… The games didn’t make it any less awkward, but it was all we could afford :sweat_smile: Oxford just sounds posh to me! :joy: My school was quite rough and really poor, it wasn’t a nice place to be :upside_down_face:

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Geordie Shore come’s to mind whenever I think of Geordie’s :see_no_evil:

Parts of Oxford are posh i.e Headington, but other parts i.e Blackbird Leys are the complete opposite. I mostly stick to Oxford City Centre whenever I go there, unless it’s to hospital :joy:

That must have been awful, :confused: But you seem to have come out of it pretty great, so at least there is that!

My school clearly only had money because they were robbing us all with overpriced school trips :sweat_smile:

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Urgh is that show still going? I’m not actually a geordie, it’s just the closest place to where I live that I think you’d know :joy:

Most of my city is quite deprived, so I go to Newcastle cause it’s bigger and posher :joy: I’d love to go to Oxford though!

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