What was one of the best times in your life? 🤪

What was one of the best times in your life? :star_struck:


When I graduated and got tf out of hell high school :new_moon_with_face:


When I learned how to gallop ( I am riding a horses)

Girl I ride horses too!

I hate high school.
I am in a class of all females and they are envious of each other that bad thing.
And they exclude me and my friend …
And they blocked me even without reason on social networks, I honestly don’t understand them…

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I always live the best time of my life :innocent:

Best times in my life…

I would say when I was in a relationship for 2 years. BUT
I have come to realize that that dude was a waste of time and not good for me.

So I would now say, maybe when I graduated and started my journey to become a practical nurse, when I started watching anime again, when I got my hamster Fernando and when I finally said goodbye to my depression. Also it was a great time in my life when I started horse riding

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Toxic people…

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Forget about them. Who cares?!
You and your friend should continue to do amazing without them. Keep doing better than them and watch they want to be your friend.
If they blocked you on social media. Do the same thing or rise above it and continue about your day.

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No, I don’t block them, I don’t go down to their levels.
First they used me only to copy but now I don’t give anything up :tipping_hand_woman:t2:
In the first higher I was in another class and a girl ruined my clothes and one day she brought me too, so I’ve gone through worse.
(Sorry for my english)

After the graduation when real wild nights started and I was unstoppable :smiley:

My advice for all youngsters:
Enjoy while you can, you never know what life brings you.

I’m happy I was wild and that I have memories. Because once I married, I was pregnant 3 times, almost in a row, and divorced with third in my stomach.

Now all I have are lonely nights and Episode to keeps me company.

Well I have kids too :smiley: But they will grow up and leave their home. But my young days will not return once my kids leave me.

Whenever I’m drunk. Best times ever and that’s totally legit, getting drunk is fun

When I was in class with the one dude he would always play in my hair and we became really good friends. During that time he was dating one of my old friends and we reunited. :slight_smile:

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