What was something that a parent did/ said that made you lose respect for them?

What was something a parent did/ said that made you lose respect them and see them in a different light?



  1. You need to start thinking for yourself, but its like you don’t think like how they do.

  2. Do better.

  3. Asking you to do this then its the next thing and your like…" WHY ARE THEY SO IMPATIENT".


Always yelling at you for no reason when it comes to simple things. :woman_facepalming:t3:

But, I WILL ALWAYS have respect for parent.


listen I know you are suicidal and we just found out you have autism but we are moving to the other end of the country(i live in a very small country but still) to live I with this man you have only meet once.

not an accurate way of what my mom said. but still


Honestly there’s so much my Dad has done/ said it’s ridiculous. What really made me see how my Dad felt though, was the confrontation I had with “his family “

Bit of backstory

I had stopped talking my dad and going over the weekend during Christmas time (he blamed me for something like always and I had enough) and I finally visited him before Thanksgiving (basically I hadn’t seen or talked to him for a year)

My Dad got into a heated argument with his wife about me (he didn’t tell her I was coming over) and my Dad called me and my step siblings in to try and “talk”. He put me on the spot to basically explain why I ignored everyone for a year, and I explained sincerely. His wife said that it was BS and basically degraded me, my mom, and my character for 45 minutes. She even said if my Dad died I didn’t deserve to know and she wouldn’t tell me. My Dad just sat there quietly nodding. When I responded to a question she asked ( I definitely don’t condone what I said, it was rude and that wasn’t right. However, I was angry and stupid so I guess in some way it’s understandable) I accidentally cursed and my father yelled at me. He went on and on how I won’t use fowl language in his house. The irony is my Dad curses a lot, my whole family does actually, so I didn’t get why he’d think I would never say a bad word.

While he yelled at me I realized that he didn’t care about what I said or did, because he stopped caring about me for a long time now. I was a responsibility, something he had to do to keep up his good appearances. He moved on to a new family, and although I tried so hard to fit in, I was never going to be apart of that family in his eyes. So I lost all my respect in him as a father, and don’t expect anything from him. I’m happy he’s out my life, because I didn’t clearly see how much that toxicity in my life affected my mental health.


Ugh that’s awful, I’m really sorry you had to deal with that :worried:

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i got through it. my life has been pretty good the last couple of years. i wont say it is good right now cause i just moved. and kinda fell lonely where i am. but els life is good


He sold me for 5 euro’s ( my father)

now that I think about it it’s 1,25


When my dad cheated on my mom. Then he stills cheats on her and gives her money. Yet he’s still so bewitched by that gold digger!


Wow. That sounds terrible, I’m sorry that happened to you.


I hate when they think it’s disrespectful for you to stand up for your self and not let them talk to you any type way knowing that they were in the wrong.



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It was a few months before my college graduation and I was discussing my plans after it with a family friend, my dad butted in and said
“How are you going to do that? You’re not good at anything.”
It’s been four years and he has since apologized, but it still hurts that he ever thought that little of me.


Long story, short my anxiety and stress has increased by like 89% and my grades in school have been declining dramatically. Why? Well I’m in a program that I absolutely hate runs from 7 to 10 and i feel like everyone one there takes stuff to srsly, I know its a military program but yanno theres different ways of discipline. Where do my parents come in? They dont care what I have to say, they say the same things “Oh, but you have fun!” [I really don’t] “Your being silly” or just laugh it off

I know it sounds stupid but it takes up so much of my time and I dont even like it.

I literally hate myself for signing up.

I also never discovered this on my own so I have like no choice


Whenever I get into this heated argument with my mum, it’s like I triggered a switch because she suddenly starts shouting at me and cursing like I’m not her daughter at all!! And when she gets that to that stage , there’s no point explaining to her anything . BUT THE MOST ANNOYING THING IS when she says sorry and gives me a hug like a day later . She also never says sorry when she wrongly accuses me of something , she just shakes it of like she totally DIDNT just blame me for “breaking a glass” when it was just on the side of the sink the whole fudging time :unamused:.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for her .So much in fact if I ever get a job, I’ll be telling my friend first instead of her :expressionless:


When I was 8, I used to tell my mom I loved her, and she would reply, “No you don’t, you’re going to be a rude, bad teenager just like your cousin.” Now I guess I’m kinda rude because she kept saying that over and over and over, and whenever she says I love you I just remember all those moments and never say it back.


Hid the fact that I was diagnosed with Aspeger’s Syndrome when I was 17 and they didn’t take it seriously.


“I aM aLwAYS rIgHT”


“Gays need to be executed. And so do Jews.”

Some people shouldn’t have kids. ^^’

EDIT: I didn’t realize we were talking about our own parents? I thought it was “a parent” as in any person that’s a parent, so this was said by my sister, not my mom or dad. X’DDDD


That’s fine too