What was the last story you read?

Hello to everyone …

What was the last story you read ? And what did you think of it ?


What you mean by that?

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When u finish your story, how do u feel about your story when u published it. I think that’s what @ILostMyUsername meant. I may be wrong, but let’s see what @ILostMyUsername trying to say.

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Or unless you’ve read stories that you’ve finished reading and want to give feedback. I guess.

Oh, that makes sense! :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

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I meant that …


The most recent story I finished was The Infected by Caitoriri, and I was kinda disappointed. The story was amazing up until the author gave the rights over to Episode (No hate towards her! I believe the fault was 100% not on her). The Episode released version of Infected was exactly the same, except the ending was messed up, literally. Nothing but a black screen for the last two scenes? All the dialogue was showing up, just not the visuals. I looked on the author’s instagram and apparently it was that way for everyone.

Not really sure what happened there, but kinda ruined my experience with this story, definitely wasn’t the ending that it deserved. I haven’t replayed it yet to see if Episode fixed it.



I read the infected too but is the original version discontinued? And what’s the featured one called?

Yeah, I believe the original one that shows up on the authors profile isn’t going to be updated with the new chapter since she signed over the rights and all that to Episode. The featured one is also “The Infected”, you should be able to search for it and the two versions will show up. You’ll have to replay everything and the endings messed up but at least you can finally know how it ends lmao

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I just read Magicka: Witches Aren’t Real by @RavenWrites! It was so amazing! If you like magic and supernatural stories you should definitely check it out.

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One of the latest stories I read was The Blacksmith by Emily Renae. It was awesome! It’s a mystery/drama and romance story. It’s really emotional but one of the best stories I read with beautiful artscenes and with an amazing script! You should definitely check it out if u like this type of stories!

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What’s it about?

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Aww thank you so much!

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I just finished reading Hunting Bad 2! It was as good as the first and I can’t wait for HB3! There were a couple crossover scenes with her story Behind the Tux - which I also enjoyed.

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It was called 14 Months and… idk… I liked the first season a lot, but season 2 and 3 took a turn I was not expecting and I felt uncomfortable reading it

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Theres 2 stories I highly recommend… One is complete and the other is still updating.

(These are not written in the order I recommend most btw)

The Blacksmith.
“Agent Renae resurfaces after her mysterious disappearance. What happened to her during those horrific years and how will she deal with the aftermath?”
This story really keeps you on your toes and draws you in the more you read, an amazing story.
and the other one is…
Eat Me Up.
“You are new in town and on your first day you meet an extremely hot boy, who keeps a dark secret. A dangerous game of love and lust starts to unfold.”
This one drew me in from the first episode but even as you read your on the edge of your seat the whole time. Like the other, this really keeps you on your toes and it is a great story.
Highly recommend them both!!!

Also, this is my opinion on these stories. I dont know what kind of stories you read but i read a variety and these were great… (also i want to point out it is really “rare” for me to find a story i enjoy this much… i have lots of trouble finding stories that keep me entertained (no offense at all) )

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I read both and they are amazong! If you liked Eat me up, you should check out Bite my tongue by Alphan!!

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