What were some pet peeves you had in school?


What are your guys pet peeves during school?

(I’m a senior in Highschool, by the way)

1. I dislike slow walkers or people who stop in the middle of the hallways. I remember one time, I was in the hallways walking to class with my friend, and these girls in front of us were walking soooo slow. The bell rang and we were late to class.

2. When the teacher does random calling to answer questions, I get so scared! Like sometimes, I don’t even know the answer and teachers would pick on me. So I would try my best to avoid eye contact :joy:

3. I also hate doing presentations. I have really bad anxiety so I stutter a lot and it sounds like I would cry whenever I speak in front of the whole class. But if I were to do presentations, I would do it with a group. Not alone.

4. I hate when people just stare at me every time I do something. Like, I don’t really care if they stare at me sometimes, but it gets me mad whenever someone stares at my foot to my face and then to my foot again. That looks so awkward.

5. When teachers give out homework on Fridays. :confused: Not much to say about that.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Write down any that you have or had if you already passed Highschool. (You can include college if you’d like)


When my teacher says the bell doesn’t dismiss you -_-
My algebra teacher gives us a test the week of the lesson we start and she excepts us to know everything

  • When the teacher gives out homework that you have to finish by tomorrow
  • When teacher pick me to answer questions (I’m a quite person, doesn’t mean I’m not listening)
  • When people just stare at you. It’s creepy, okay?


When there are lectures after lunch break and u feel sleepy and want to sleep but are sitting right in front of the teacher!!!


when teachers set so much homework on the first week back, and in genral


When my teacher marked my work right in front of me, that used to annoy me. I like my work being marked when I’m not looking at the teachers facial expression.

  • When the teacher (not literally) attacks you because you don’t know the answer to a question that was taught when you were sick/not in school.

  • When the teacher expects you to write an full-blown, detailed, planned, edited essay in 2 days.

  • When people talk to YOU and the teacher tells you off for talking and not the actual offender.

  • When you get paired with your worst enemy. It’s annoying when it’s because your teacher is ignorant of your hatred towards each other, but it’s infuriating if it’s because the teacher does it in the hope that you’ll ‘resolve your differences’.


omfg 1 is so true. if you want to stop MOVE OUT OF THE WAY

  1. When that one person you didn’t like in elementary is in the same school as you now.

  2. When you’re tryna sleep in class and you wake up and miss 70% of what the assignment is about.

  3. When you bring food to school and everyone you don’t know asks for some.

  4. When I have to do group projects with people I don’t know and the teacher knows good and well I have social anxiety.

  5. Speaking of social anxiety.When I bump into an upperclassmen and they just stare at me.


My english teacher wanted the whole class to write two 1000 word essays and write the word count in 1 day. Literally 3 people out of 28 turned it in.


3 is so true people used to ask me for food all the time, not my friends just people in year 7 (11-12) at the time I was in year 11 (15-16) and they thought they were entitled to my food :joy:


I brought a bag of Doritos to school and I went home woth like 10 chips left.

  1. When a teacher uses some randomizer that randomly calls out someone’s name to answer a question. I get so nervous…

  2. I HATE presentations with a passion. But the thing is, right after every time I present something, I think, “Wow, that wasn’t so bad after all.” But the next time I have to present something, I get super nervous and anxious all over again.

  3. When a classmate asks to borrow a pencil (or some other object) and they don’t give it back. This happened a lot in middle school for me (I am a sophomore in high school now).

There are more, but these are the ones I can remember at the time :sweat_smile:

  • Teachers who force me to participate
  • Teachers who call me out among everyone that’s doing something
  • Disrespectful kids
  • Explaining my answers (I’m not good at it)
  • Doing presentations
  • Mispronounced words
  • The teachers that try to be funny. Stop it, Mr. Mora
  • People staring at me. It makes me anxious
  • Getting work on Fridays
  • When a teacher points you out for not knowing something that was taught because you weren’t there that day
  • Doing group projects.
  • When your teacher makes you work with someone you don’t like
  • Falling asleep in class and then missing half the lesson
  • Coming in late, and everyone just stares at you
  • When you have food (I always do), and random people ask you for some
  • When someone asks you for a pencil/pen and you never give it back. This is why I’m stingy
  • Rude teachers

I’m a sophomore in high school, btw

  • Loud kids
  • Kids cracking jokes about me when I literally do nothing to them
  • Kids who talk crap about my friends, or gossip too much
  • People who stare at me while I’m trying to live my life
  • People who hAvE unwanted commentary in anything I do
  • People who just stand in the middle of the hallway like a friggin log
  • Overly aggressive kids always trying to fight :joy:
  • Boring teachers
  • Having to do literally anything in front of the class - presentations, answering questions, asking questions, or even getting up to sharpen my pencil. My anxiety is through the roof in those scenarios because I don’t like people looking at me
  • This is a weird one, but people that I don’t know who compliment me (I can’t respond to compliments idk how)
  • People who ask me for work answers or help after they just clowned around all hour
  • Lazy kids who don’t do work. :slight_smile: and complain about work. :slight_smile: when they don’t even do it :slight_smile:
  • People always asking “did you draw/write that?” when they pass me writing or sketching
  • PEOPLE GOING “YOU’RE LEFT HANDED?!?!11!?” when they see me writing with my left hand :expressionless:

I have a ton more I can’t seem to list off of the top of my head…


Something that did used to irritate me was when a kid who was rude all the time and never did their work, got treated really nicely by teachers and were given far too many chances but if another kid slipped up once they would be excluded (suspended)


same… SAME. I see these kids I’ve known since middle school who never do work and are pretty misbehaved, but we get new teachers and they just get to start over and present themselves as some saint but is a devil when the teacher leaves…


I remember this one girl who literally used to beat people up randomly and start fights with random people, show up to lesson high and just be genrally rude. The teachers treated her like she was a little angel, they basically turned a blind eye to everything she did. Whereas a friend of mine defended themselves in a fight and got suspened…wtf


that triggers me so much


I see a lot of staff around our school just ignoring bullying and they just sit there

but oh you see a kid chewing gum? DETENTION