What were some pet peeves you had in school?



In 10th grade, me and friends were loud and making so much noise during a pep rally. (A fun event) and all these “popular” kids were getting pissed off at us because we were making so much noise.

But the same people who were pissed off at us, are the same people who disrupts the class and disrespect the teacher!!! Like wtf!! Hypocrite much??


I seriously hate that. :roll_eyes:


Teacher: sees a kid being beaten up by a bunch of kids who were also smoking on school premises
“Aww kids being kids”

Same teacher: sees a student not following dress code e.g. having their blazer off due to hot temperatures


Oof I had something similar to that on the bus home from school one day I was talking to a friend of mine in the year below so he was kinda loud but so was the whole bus and the “popular” kids at the back of the bus told us to shut up despite the fact you could hear their voices over everybodies

  • A teacher who doesn’t get someone in trouble when they should? I’m no goody two shoes but come on if someone is doing something and you just leave it? It’s annoying

  • I hate subs, because all the annoying/smart kids start acting up because theirs a sub. Like are you fr and when I tell them to be quiet or some’ they just roll their eyes.

  • This one goes with number 1. When the teacher just straight away gives you a “punishment” instead of yelling at you and making you understand something/

  • When teachers erase the white board and leave a big amount of marker.

  • When teachers don’t explain correctly?

  • @AK16 reminded me When people that have been with me for like 4 years yell out like “OHMYOGSHHH YOU’RE LEFT HANDED??? IT MUST BE SO HARDDDDDDD!!?!?” Like oh my gosh, have you been on drugs alll these years?? And when I was little my teachers use to fricking call me all the way to the back of the room just to say “WOW, you’re left handed?” I’m like good job sherlock. :roll_eyes:


OKAY, I RELATE TOOOOO MUCH TO THE “YOU’RE LEFT HANDED?!!?@!”" THINGS. it so frigging annoying like ohmygosh


Like do you not see me writing with my left hand?


people i’ve been in the same class with for like 4 years still say that i’m like have you been high this whole time?

Im adding this into mine …


1 My school is apparently a safe place for LGBT+ but I feel like TOO many people are comfortable with saying homophobic and transphobic slurs. Not only that, but my school has areas of study, mine being nursing. NURSING STUDENTS, those who will be future nurses, students, etc. are often saying the most disgusting things about trans people. Wow. That’s fun.
2. Mental health is completely ignored. Going to a magnet school has a sh*tload of downsides. One is expected to just do a ton of homework without worrying about our health, any aspect of our health. We are free to choose what types of class we want, but even with all regular classes (and EIGHT class periods), you will always be overworked. We do have counselors and staff members to talk to if we need it, but I literally don’t see anything addressing the issues. School DOES put people in a dark place.
3. Entitled Kids Not to be surprised, but the athletes at my school are completely the opposite of how they’re portrayed in the media. To be honest, most kids at my school are pretty nice and very respectful towards staff and students. But, there’s always those few kids who think they’re above you. Even when they do things wrong. Even when they’ve been punished for doing wrong things. ETC. ETC. They feel so entitled to tell you their often offensive or inappropriate opnions and talk down on you. Like when we leave this place in a couple of months for college and jobs, are you going to have the same energy? HM?


My science teacher says that and when I’m late and he ask why I’m just like “The bell doesn’t tell me when to go to class” :woman_shrugging:t4:



  • Doing group projects, I enjoy working by myself. I hate when other teammates would take credit for something they didn’t do.
  • Loud classmates
  • Disrespectful classmates to the teacher, especially to subs. I, till this day don’t understand why people would be so rude to them. They were so nice and always did what they were suppose to do. My heart would break.
  • Getting randomly picked to read out loud in front of everyone. Ugggh, worst feeling ever.
  • Kids playing music from the speaker of their backpack real loud.
  • Getting asked if they could copy my paper.


omg, you have no idea!!! (Being asked to let people copy my work)

I remember in 9th grade, there was this packet we had to do and I finished the whole packet in 5 hours!! I was so fustrated and tired :sob:

And then friend told me to take pictures of all the papers in my packet and send it to her. I said no to her (text message) and she said okay.

Then the next day, during lunch, she brought her packet with her and asked to copy all my work. I was pissed off, but because I was have a really nice soul, I let her copy. Idk why I did that but if could, I would’ve said no.

I don’t really care if people ask for homework answers if it was like 1 or 2 pages. But if it was a whole packet, so I’m not letting you copy. :expressionless:


People blowing there noses super loud innclass on purpose


Yeah, sometimes with packets you think you’ve done all of it but you haven’t, or something came up and you couldn’t do it. But if you have the time to do the work and not copy, there really is no excuse.


People walking so close behind you that they’re stepping on your heels and breathing on you


Gum smackers.


My teachers have this thing where they will pick out students who accidentally make eye contact with them and it irritating…

I also hate it when they refuse to accept how you work something out e.g:

Take one from the 9 and give it to the 7 so that gives you 8+8

I REALLLLLLLLLLLY hate it when students have this hatred to you when you only BREATHED in their general direction, Like pls give up…

Oh and when someone walks right infront of you and refuses to walk quicker and takes up the entire hall

And people wonder why i have such a bad attitude :confused:


When walking through a crowded area and the person behind you starts pushing you, that used to really annoy me because I can’t control the fact that there is a masive crowd of people slowing me down, there is no need to use me as a battering ram


I disagree with this, for me, it is easier for me to figure out 8+8, than 7+9. If you know that 8*2 is 16, then it might be faster to figure out than 7+9, and finding a different way to do things that are more your style and an easier way for you to understand, is much better than trying a method that you’re bad at.