What were some pet peeves you had in school?


My least favorite thing about school is well…seeing people


I don’t know how you would be able to do that! It just kills me. When people ask if I finished I just say no then turn it in. I always feel so under pressure when they ask though, I usually have this awkward pause then answer. I’ve done a packet before but it was due in like a week and god no I didn’t let a single person copy. Afterwards I felt so bad since I didn’t help anyone out. THE STRUGGLE


I’ve seen these kids in both junior high and high school.


Bare minimum students. I’m in my second semester of senior year and I STILL see people not doing homework or doing the lowest of low to pass. Some people have already turned 18 since fall. Are y’all gonna have the SAME energy when we go to college or start working? You can’t be lazy asf like you are here.


I hate when a couple of boys see you in the hallway and be like “hey, my friend likes you” or “hey, he thinks you’re cute” just because they wanna make humor out of it :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: like no, it’s annoying af.


Teachers who just fly out those detentions like dollar bills …

I mean , they see your lips move , SEPERATED LEARNING !

•when subs be like : “I’m certain you don’t treat your usual teacher like this”
Actually, there’s something called mood… We can have happy days , we can have glum days

•when you give them a 3 paragraphs long reason on why you didn’t do the homework and all they get is "Didnt do homework " then ignore the rest …

Wait , these are rants… Oh welp, here’s a pet peeve :

When someone says something in class, I be sitting there , waiting for them to finish so I can prove how wrong they are :sweat_smile:


I hated PE and so did my parents, so they’d weite notes saying I was sick and I got to sit out. Sadly, there was this one PE teacher who forced me to do it. I hated her.

I hated it when teachers called on me, so when they were looking around the classroom and I didn’t want to answer, I dropped my book on the floor.


  2. Teachers like: ThE bElL dOeSn’T dIsmIsS yOu, I Do
    like okay if the bell doesn’t decide when I leave it doesn’t decide when I arrive simple.

  3. Teachers complaining about unfinished school work from break, like iT WAS A BREAK

  4. PE 0_-

  5. All the pressure like jeez


Sameeeeee slow walkers when I’m rushing are soooooo annoying I get so triggered or when someone asks to borrow my pencil but ends up keeping it


I hate when you have something and people that never even speak to you think its okay to ask you for something.


When the teacher picks you to answer the question when your hand isn’t raised. If I knew the answer, I would have raised my hand. :slight_smile:


when i’m putting my hand up to answer and the teacher be like :

YOU! , tell me one of the issues in believing that ‘god’ takes form of a human

then i see that person legit shivering because they are so scared and don’t know what the heck an issue would be with that and just space out for the entire lesson.
Like, dont mean to be rude but there are some people here that have an idea (just an example btw) and now i kinda mean this to all off you, welp!

but then when they shout my name out to answer and i have no clue ( ThAtS wHy I dIdN’t PuT mY hAnD up!) they give me that glare like : “how da fuc you lose yo brain that quickly?”


Also when a teacher starts picking on you for not doing as well as you generally do in every other lesson and start making plans for a after school chat on whats up when all you did was spell “when” wrong :joy:


YES, I HATE SLOW WALKERS Ok, I have to admit, I do catch myself walking very slow. But when I get caught behind slow walkers I just wanna push them out of the way. Especially when a group of friends make a wall in the hallway, they walk so slow, and I can’t get through!! It gets me so mad. :rage: :persevere: :expressionless:


When someone borrows a pencil/pen and NEVER gives it back or replaces it. :rage:


When teachers used to pick on you randomly to answer questions, I always listened but I needed a few seconds to think of my answer so I hated being put on the spot. I used to just give really poor answers even if I did know the answer cause I couldn’t think of it in time :joy:

  1. When the class is over, the bell has rung but the teacher won’t leave us cause she says and I quote “I am not done yet.”

  2. When we have to go to Physical Education class and my lazy ass just won’t run.

  3. When I ask someone nicely if they have an extra pen and they do and everyone knows that but they pretend to act super nice and say “Sorry, I don’t have one.”


I guess I have this expressionless face I do in class where I just sit & stare at something cause i’m so bored, and then a teacher will come up to me and ask if I’m okay :joy::skull:. Like YES i’m okay i’m sorry my face is emotionless, it’s funny now cause i’ve realized this has happen to me more than once :joy:


Not only teachers, but a lot of people too. I just have a expressionless face all the time and people say that I look like I’m dead inside XD :joy:


This is so annoying, I hate when teachers are like “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do” like okay whats the point for the bell then? :roll_eyes: