What would be a good story to write in Limelight?

So! I’ve already settled on my INK story, but at the same time I wanna write a story in LL! But I’m not sure what kind of story would be good with that style-

here are some of my ideas
  • An FBI story
  • I was thinking of maybe another zombie story?
  • i got nothing else :joy:

I’m really mainly stuck on those two ideas. But lemme know what you think would be good as a LL story! Please- I got writers block here folks

The zombie one sounds interesting…

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I always have some new ideas if you need
There are some :
• Girl came to big city,she didn’t remember anything and she discovered what she must to kill everyone in city …or save them …
• Monsters can came to people’s world just in Halloween. But then MC fall in love with human. And then she has a choice : forget love or find way to how become a human
• In one day MC comes to work/school and anyone don’t see her like she was,anyone don’t know her now. And bad group invites MC to them,and there so much adventure firward…

And other if you want

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