What would be your dream story?

Hey everyone :blush:

So I’m finally back on the forums and starting to pitch an idea for a story. If I’m being honest I feel like every romance/drama story has the same storyline, That is what I used to write about because that’s what got all the reads right? I really want some opinions from people on the forums about what their dream episode would contain because everyone has a different style and story liking


with this new story I would really like to make it so that each and every choice makes the storyline different in a special kind of way. where you have to regain points, and the choices shape the personality of your character, I’m still trying to think of a really cool new way to make a story with that exciting thrill and something that’s different

Please share your ideas and opinions thank you and missed you all!


I really enjoy adventure stories, with a romantic subplot. Examples I can think of are The Darkness Within by Jess Fox and Through the Worlds by Ksenia. Through the Worlds is AMAZING!!! It’s full of action, adventure, and choices really matter. Along with that is a romantic subplot, but it’s barely there which I like. As well, depending on the amount of friendship points you have with the cast of characters, they way they speak and are friends with each other are effected!!! It makes me feel like I’m really making a difference in the choices I make.

Both of these stories have amazing, original, storylines that make me want to keep reading. I hope someday I can write a story like them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am not going to talk about directing… More about what you need to avoid. Show the reader your story in the way you see it. And don’t back down, because one reader doesn’t like your story or want to see something different. Romance and drama is fine, but also a genre with a lot of emotions. What you need avoid is:

  • the same plot as everyone :roll_eyes: → So, no mean girls and creeps attacking MC in alleys or drugging MC during a party;
  • MC and LI love each other too quick → Try to make the love slow burn… Not that they need to stalk each other, but love in real life doesn’t come in one day. :wink:
  • a whole day description about the MC → No, MC waking up and describing the whole day, every episode;
  • drama everywhere → Some authors put 4 or 5 drama-events in every episode. Please, don’t. There is no need to put 5 drama-events in every episode. Give the MC also a break to breathe;
  • your character → you may use your own character in the story, but not in every episode. Some readers find it quite annoying if you put your character out there in the story every episode. And for me Just being honest I find it quite annoying if I am reading a story and the authors character is taking half of the time to say something outside the story, while you can put that at the end during a QuestionandAnswers-session. It’s distracting and annoying. :yawning_face: That full sentence made me tired. :clown_face:

Love A-W

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I don’t know if others find that boring because I rarely see that in stories.

But for me simplicity is actually very relatable and somehow beautiful.

Of course drama, action, romance, etc, are still needed to make the story going and exciting, but I don’t like it to be too complex and messy.


A story that coded itself.

Honestly, I’d be fine if a story didn’t have any romance. It’s cute, of course, but it’s not necessary. It’d be fun to read a story in any genre (sci-fi, action, fantasy) without romance involving the MC just for the heck of it.

It would probably just be mostly childhood romance stories, cause that’s one of my favorite tropes.

I would love to read a story that is purely comedic with no romance in it. Written purely for the laughs. I haven’t found a story like though…


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