What would look and work best?

I love hearing what you guys think :slight_smile:

I’ve been making a main menu screen for my story which can be accessed at the beginning of every episode, in the Main menu the reader will see 3 buttons

START, CUSTOMISATION and SOUND which do the following

This is used to start the story/episode. in the first episode the reader is unable to click this without entering their name under customisation. If they click start without entering a name the will get this notification;
“You have not entered your name, please enter it in customisation before continuing.”

This button takes you to a scene in which the reader can customise their name and characters

This button allows the reader to turn sound on/off in a story in each episode

before the story starts the reader is given the option to add closed captions again this can e turned on/off in each episode

my question is should I keep this as a main menu or just give the reader the choices before the game starts? either way is the same amount of work so it doesn’t really matter to me.

This is how the main menu looks

As a reader what would your preference be?
and should I change the menu in anyway?

Thanks xx

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I think it looks amazing and you should definetly keep it

It’s awesome!
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