What would make a story more accessible to you?

I know I bang on about accessibility in episode stories a lot and my reason is because it’s an important thing to me to ensure everyone has a fair advantage at reading a story. I don’t have a personal need for this but if it helps just one reader out then it makes me happy.

I know Episode is pretty much user friendly… at least I think it is ha ha. But I did have some suggestions to make it more user friendly, I will link my other thread soon.

But is there anything in particular you guys feel would help/benefit you while reading? I am already adding choices for

Closed captions
Sound off/on
Flashing lights on/off or slowed down

I was wondering about text bubbles does anyone feel that they need bigger text or anything else that would help?

Also is there anything else you can think of that I can/should add?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: